Shots fired on Locke and Wilson

Published 6:31 pm Thursday, May 12, 2016

SALISBURY — Salisbury Police are investigating the 1000 block of Locke Street after residents reported hearing a gunshot Thursday evening.

Patty, a woman who lives on the corner of Locke and Wilson, said she hears gunshots coming from the building across the road “all the time.”

But when she heard a shot coming from the apartments Thursday evening, she said, she knew her kids were outside, and went to check on them. But when she crossed the street, she said a man threatened to shoot her.

According to Patty, three men were standing in the back driveway of the apartment building. They lived in the apartments, she said, and were always out on the stoop or in the driveway. When they saw her Thursday, one of them — who she said was in a wheelchair — allegedly told her he had a gun in his pants and was “fixing to pull it out and shoot (her).”

Patty said she ran.

A man standing behind a chain-link fence across the street from the building said he also heard a shot. But he ducked. When he went to look, he said he saw a man take off running down the road, headed towards Grace Street. A Post reporter at the scene was asked not to talk to witnesses, as some were still being interviewed for the investigation.

Police were called at approximately 5:37 p.m.

Officers were out investigating the incident as a thunderstorm built up over Salisbury, and a K-9 unit was sent to investigate the area. Officers on scene declined to comment about the investigation, and referred all questions to Salisbury Police Department spokeswoman Shelia Lingle. Lingle said she would provide information Friday morning.

No injuries were reported.

The apartments, located at 1002 Locke Street, were the site of a 2014 meth lab allegedly belonging to Thomas David Martinez, who was known as “the Chemist.” The lab used a “red-p cook”method which uses red phosphorous.

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