Chuck Hughes: School scenario was never viable

Published 11:20 pm Saturday, May 7, 2016

By Chuck Hughes

Special to the Post

Although I welcomed and participated in a conversation about a long term plan for Rowan/Salisbury schools, neither I, nor to my knowledge, any other member of the board, including Mrs. Cox, Dr. Miller or Mrs. Kennedy, embraced the overreach of what is now known as Scenario 1

As was stated at Thursday evening’s meeting, the board realized from the start that Scenario 1 was not doable, nor was it a solution to the capital needs of the school system. However, it motivated this board to do what past boards have failed to do, initiate a discussion about the need for a long-term plan to address replacing our 90-year-old schools as funding allows.

This discussion did not include closing six schools, nor did it endorse busing 4,000 students from their current schools to schools across the county, now or in the future, as news media and individuals who are ignorant of the facts or wish to ignore the facts report. Do not let people with self-serving agendas convince you otherwise.

Chuck Hughes is a member of the Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education.