Letters to the editor – Tuesday – 4-26-16

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Consider the positives of keeping schools open

In the April 20 Salisbury Post, school board member Chuck Hughes said residents of Rowan County are relying on emotion and nostalgia concerning the closing of some elementary schools. As a former teacher for 27 and a half years at Mount Ulla Elementary, I admit, “Yes, I am emotional and nostalgic.”

I remember well when Mount Ulla opened its arms, as it does today, to little children who came willingly because their parents and their grandparents grew and learned in the same school that was, and is, the core of the community.

I remember the opportunities children had to develop leadership characteristics, whereas the competition in a larger school could have eliminated some of them from student council, student patrol, library assistants, etc.

I remember how proud the students were of the new Mount Ulla Elementary, built in 1994 (not 1927). They felt so much a part of the school because they helped with the moving process.

I remember how a community church, Thyatira Presbyterian, has coordinated a tutoring program with Mount Ulla School for 20 years. These are just a few memories of many good things that happened at Mount Ulla School.

Yes, emotions and nostalgia cannot be ignored, but several questions are of greater concern. How long would students ride a bus from the Iredell County line to a new location? At what time would they leave and arrive home each day? How would the cost of increased transportation compare with upkeep of a relatively new school? Has the board considered that the community is growing? If the school is closed, what will happen to it?

I understand the school board is “looking down the road” in its consideration of moving Mount Ulla students. As you do so, I ask you to strongly consider the positive aspects of having them remain at Mount Ulla.

— Dot Luther

Mount Ulla

Atheists, leave us Christians alone

It is a real travesty today when we hear the voice of the atheist, the Godless,and the anti-Christ who would deny the rights of public expression of our worship of God.

First they move against the long-established institution of prayer in our public schools.

They remove any vestige of Christianity or worship of the Savior of all mankind in our public gatherings; they would remove the “In God We Trust” insignia from our nations emblems and seals and from our national coins.

The latest move of these anti-Christs would prohibit our own children from singing the beautiful and inspiring Christmas carols, relating to the Savior’s birth or divinity, or “the heavenly angels singing” from our public schools.

Isn’t it interesting that these groups consider it “freedom of expression” to profane the Lord’s name and use obscenities, but oppose prayer in public places? These groups combat public faith and prayer.

Atheists have the right to their own beliefs and Christians do not try to force their beliefs on them.

Just separate yourselves from Christians like they do from you and mind your own business.

Christians, make no move to try and do away with your rights to believe what you want to believe.

— Pat Ray