How to get a refund for cancelled events

Published 11:12 am Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Some of the biggest names in entertainment are canceling North Carolina shows after controversial legislation was passed recently. Bruce Springsteen and Cirque du Soleil have canceled, and there are likely to be other cancellations as well.

“Whether you get your tickets refunded depends on where, and from whom, you bought your tickets,” according to Tom Bartholomy, president of the Better Business Bureau of the Southern Piedmont.

BBB has tips for how you can get a refund to a canceled show:

• If you bought your tickets on Craigslist, you may have trouble getting a refund because refunds would be issued to the original purchaser whose credit card was used to purchase the tickets.

• If you bought your tickets on Ticketmaster, you should contact Ticketmaster or go to the Ticketmaster outlet where you originally purchased the tickets. You will get the tickets and ticketing fees refunded, but not the shipping fees.

• If you purchased your tickets on StubHub, you will get a refund for the tickets and they will refund the shipping fees, too.

• If you purchased your tickets at a venue, such as Time Warner Cable Arena, you will need to contact that venue to find out what their refund policy is because different venues have different policies. Time Warner Cable Arena gives you two weeks to seek a refund after the event is canceled and you must present the original tickets to get a refund.

• If you purchased your tickets through LiveNation, they will automatically issue refunds to the original purchaser’s credit card when an event is canceled including shipping fees.

The potential for problems exists if you bought tickets from a third party because you would not be the original ticket purchaser.

“Refunds are usually issued to the original purchaser’s credit card that the seller has on file,” said Bartholomy. “If the venue issues a refund to the original purchaser’s credit card, you would have to try to get a refund from the person who sold you your tickets.