Forest Service warns of high fire danger

Published 3:17 pm Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The U.S. Forest Service and the North Carolina Forest Service are warning the public of high fire danger across North Carolina.
Fire danger is high across the state due to lack of rainfall in recent weeks and low humidity. Conditions across North Carolina are forecasted to remain dry for the next couple weeks.
April typically marks the height of wildfire season in North Carolina. This year, with limited rainfall throughout March and April, forests are especially receptive to spreading fires. Concern is highest in Western North Carolina where trees have not fully leafed out.
Both agencies remind the public to use caution in any outdoor burning.
“The public is an important partner in fire prevention,” says Riva Duncan, fire management officer for National Forests in North Carolina. “Right now, with fire danger at critical levels, we are urging the public to use common sense when it comes to outdoor burning.”
Ninety-nine percentĀ of wildfires in North Carolina are human-caused, with the greatest number caused by backyard debris burning. Even when burning bans are not in effect, conditions may not be advisable for outdoor fires. The public is discouraged from lighting campfires and burning yard waste during periods of low humidity or high winds.
Both the U.S. Forest Service and North Carolina Forest Service are currently responding to multiple wildfires across North Carolina.