Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 17, 2016

1. At the end of a Thursday evening rally of citizens opposed to the potential closing of six elementary schools in Rowan County, participants voted to do what?

A. Start a petition calling for the removal of current Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education members

B. Put up their own slate of candidates for the school board election in November

C. Form a political action committee

D. Organize formal protests for every remaining school board meeting in 2016

2. The Salisbury Historic Preservation Commission recently debated one particular aspect of lighting for the Gateway Park fountain. What was the question at hand?

A. The direction the lights were pointed and whether they would distract passing motorists

B. Whether the light bulbs had too much wattage

C. Whether the fountain should have colored lights

D. Whether the fountain should be lighted at all

3. White McKenzie Wallenborn, a well-known physician and historian in Charlottesville, Va., returned to his native Salisbury this past week to speak at the annual meeting of Historic Salisbury Foundation. Wallenborn’s father, Pete, once spent a day showing what famous person around Rowan County?

A. Thomas Edison

B. George Washington Carver

C. Teddy Roosevelt

D. Charles Lindbergh

4. Reid Walters is the new manager for what Rowan County town?

A. Faith

B. Rockwell

C. Cleveland

D. Spencer

5. Larry Efird, an English and humanities teacher at A.L. Brown High School in Kannapolis, is transforming the school’s social room into what?

A. An art gallery

B. A coffee house

C. A 19th century English tea room

D. A yoga room

6. As part of its grand opening celebration, New Sarum Brewing Co. of Salisbury made a special Belgian-style beer using what as an ingredient?

A. Cheerwine

B. Apple Uglies

C. Hap’s Grill hot dogs

D. Barbecue from Richard’s

7. Jessica Stamper, a trainer at The Forum in Salisbury, will be appearing on what television show April 17?

A. “Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch Challenge”

B. “The Bachelorette.”

C. “I Love You … But I Lied”

D. “House Hunters”

8. In conjunction with an all-day celebration in Salisbury May 21, Lynn Bull of Goldsboro has been asked to play the role of what historical figure?

A. Gen. George Stoneman

B. Andrew Jackson

C. George Washington

D. Robert E. Lee

9. In July, why will state Rep. Carl Ford, R-Rowan, be going to Cleveland, Ohio?

A. He’s moving to Cleveland to open up a new radio station

B. He is president of the National Association of Radio Broadcasters and that is where the group’s annual convention will be held

C. He has been invited to Cleveland to meet the Pope

D. He is a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland

10. What attraction has Patterson Farm recently added for visitors?

A. A children’s train

B. A gemstone mine

C. A black bear habitat

D. An antique tractor museum


1. C.

2. C.

3. B.

4. D.

5. A.

6. B.

7. A.

8. C.

9. D.

10. B.