Overton, 50 things: Part four

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 14, 2016

By Kari Hippert

Overton PTA President

On the same day as “My Fair Lady” and “Mary Poppins” were competing for the Best Picture Oscar, Overton Elementary School made its debut. Salisbury’s first new elementary school in 43 years opened its doors on April 5, 1965. We continue our series on 50 things about Overton in celebration of its first 50 years by looking at its beginnings.

30: Prior to opening day, our scholars attended the old Frank B. John School on West Monroe Street. That main school building was demolished soon after Overton opened.

29: The school was built to accommodate 600 scholars, but opened with 490, and today has 385.

28: The first Overton principal was Mr. R.E. Carmichael, who served under Superintendent J.H. Knox.

27: Many scholars walked to school, but car riders were dropped off on Catawba and Park Roads, by Knox Middle School.

26: The original Overton served first through sixth grades. Twelve sixth graders provided tours of the new school, just as Overton’s Ambassadors welcome guests today.

25: The two long hallways originally had domed skylights and ended in covered outdoor courts, which could easily “someday be converted into classrooms.”

24: Just as Overton is now technologically accelerated, it was originally wired with state-of-the-art open and closed circuit television in every classroom.

23: Carpet was being tested in several classrooms as a new innovation in schools for sound dampening.

22: Lunch was prepared at Knox and delivered to Overton. There was only a small serving kitchen and wash area. What is now the kitchen was the arts and crafts room.

21: Overton was especially proud of its air-conditioned classrooms, background music from its new intercom, modern color palette and carpets, and its innovative design that was recognized throughout the state.