Letters to the editor — Monday (4-11-2016)

Published 12:18 am Monday, April 11, 2016

What ‘common sense’ says about HB2

I think, I am in a minority?

I must be in a minority. I have read the so-called HB2 “Bathroom bill.”

Two things to consider.

One: Go back to a time when common sense ruled most decisions.

Then ask yourself when your child, male or female, walked into a public restroom marked with the gender on their birth certificate. Then, as soon as they entered they came out and informed you a person not of their gender was in the restroom. That person was an adult or a child of the same age as your child.

When you confronted the person and restrained them until the police come, the person informed you and the police that they “identify” with the gender marked on the restroom door.

What does common sense tell you?

Two: Now this same event occurred today.

What happened to your common sense?

You have become politically correct and you run your life with no common sense. Instead, your life is run by public polls and news media liberalism.

If you do not conform to this “political correctness” you will be stigmatized. You will be protested by antagonists, those same people that no longer have common sense and want to deny your right to speak you common sense opinion.

— W.F. “Bill” Smith


No leaky roof here

Boy, if I were a Salisbury/Rowan central office person I would be just as happy as a lark in spring. I have a nice new $7-8 million building with a dome, no less, new furniture … Man, this is great, what a great and generous county we live in. Money just rolling in (industry not).

So what if we have to close a few schools? So what if mice run about? So what if we have leaky roofs — can’t list them all, but I would say the new roof on the central office won’t leak. I bet no mice are running around there either.

Thank you, Rowan County taxpayers, for this wonderful new building. Now let’s get down to business and close some schools; have to cut some cost out of  government you see.

— Neil Nurisso