Letters to the editor — Sunday (3-27-2016)

Published 12:16 am Sunday, March 27, 2016

Good news and thanks

I believe in prayer, as do so many of you who were praying for me. That’s why I wasn’t really surprised when today the results of the needle biopsy of the tumor on my colon showed it not to be as worrisome as initially expected! Yes, I have a mass that will probably grow and cause problems, but at my age, it will probably grow slowly.

I am in no pain but sleep 20+ hours each day. That weakness is probably the result of all food tasting very bad and my not heeding my daughter’s pestering to drink 5 Boosts a day!

As I like to say, “to make a long story short,” after prayerful consideration and talking with my children, I am going to be moving from Hospice Residential to assisted living with a commitment to work on my nutrition, regain my strength and have whatever pain-free days the Lord allows me.

Two things I’d like to share with you. First, your prayers, notes and kindness have meant the world to me … more than I could ever adequately express. Remember, I’m good at figures and not words! Second, I want to thank the remarkable Glenn A. Kiser Hospice Staff for the extraordinary care my family and I received while here. I did not realize what an exceptional facility it was and how fortunate we are to have it in Salisbury until I needed it.

After I regain my strength, I hope to see all of you soon and give you a hug for your kindheartedness. God has blessed me beyond words.

— Ralph W. Ketner


Supreme Court nominee tilts to over-regulation 

When federal bureaucrats create new rules and regulations, they often forget about small-business owners. They think that every company has the resources to handle more paperwork, fees, and fines. But that’s just not reality.

The reality is that a small-business owner usually has to handle all the compliance by themselves. This takes away from valuable time that could be spent improving the business. That’s why regulations are one of the biggest things holding back small business growth.

Unfortunately, President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland, almost always sides with regulators. If he were to sit on the court, he would probably be a rubber stamp for some major rules and regulations that the president created without first going through Congress.

At the end of the day, it’s small businesses that could suffer while Garland has a lifetime appointment at taxpayer expense. In my opinion, he should not be allowed onto the court.

— Frank Goodnight


The ACLU’s threat

Rowan County, like Forsyth County in 2007, has been targeted by the American Civil Liberties Union over its prayer policy. Although Forsyth County was finally vindicated in 2014 by the Supreme Court’s decision in a similar case in Greece, N.Y., the ACLU has not given up. It has just retooled its legal strategy and moved to another town.

To understand the ACLU and its relentless attacks on religious expression in the public square, it is helpful to consider how it sees itself as well as the Constitution. In its annual report for 1986-1987, the ACLU says that “The Constitution as originally conceived was deeply flawed.” However, “The ACLU was the missing ingredient that made our constitutional system finally work.”

It is the ACLU’s low opinion of the Constitution and its lofty, almost messianic view of itself that makes the organization so dangerous to others.

— Bruce Bedinger


Earlier guide for voters

Information in the “Elect 2016 Voter’s Guide,” included with the Sunday paper (March 13), would have been most helpful for those who chose to vote early. Going forward, a suggestion that in-depth information be made available taking early voters into consideration. Thank you.

— Patricia McDonough