Letters to the editor – Tuesday – 3-22-16

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nation can’t survive with Trump as president

The writer is responding to a column in Sunday’s Post, “Too much fear going on right now,” by Susan Shinn.

Fear is a good word for it, Susan Shinn.  I, too, am fearful for this country and where we are headed. The hatred spewed by Trump and much of the GOP causes me fear and trembling. Can this nation survive? And the GOP has been building toward this during the entire Obama administration with their hatred of him and continual hateful obstruction.

I applaud Bishop Tim Smith and the N.C. Lutheran Synod for their peaceful demonstration and leadership and I am doubly proud to be a life-long Lutheran. Thank you, Bishop Smith, and Thank you, Susan Shinn, for your excellent following of and reporting of this issue.

— Pat Bullard

China Grove

Changes make site of old mill a nightmare

When I married my husband of now 20 years and moved to his mill house on Hill Street, the Cone Mill was in full swing. It was well kept — everything always looked good. The only traffic came at shift change.

Today it’s a nightmare.

The company that bought the mill has allowed it to become an eyesore, and the businesses that have taken up space there are 99 percent of the problem. A garage has turned a former employee parking lot into a used car lot. The other business has many deliveries from FedEx, UPS and various tractor trailers that are so long they always go over the curb and block traffic on Martin Luther King and Hill streets.

They are too noisy and break up street pavement, which creates potholes. These streets were not built for heavy trucks. After having a driveway torn up, the business left a huge pile of broken concrete slabs and dirt inside the fence.

I really feel bad for the homeowner who is directly across from this fence. Trucks turn right in front of her porch to get into an opening which was not originally made for 53-foot tractor trailers.

I cannot hang flower baskets on my son’s porch because of the fumes from added traffic due to Klumac Road’s closure and because of traffic going to the two businesses.

I have learned one thing from my years living in Salisbury. It is that you can complain about things that should not be allowed, but there is only one neighborhood they really worry about. The rest of Salisbury can go down the drain.

So, continue to tear down the wooded areas, build more apartments, build more stores that are not needed, create traffic jams, and you are just another Charlotte.

— Terie Brown


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