Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 20, 2016

1. Salisbury City Manager Lane Bailey plans to hold a “Meet the Manager” office hour once a month in the first-floor conference room at City Hall. Whose idea was it to have this monthly open-door meeting with the public?

A. Bailey’s himself

B. Mayor Karen Alexander

C. Clyde

D. Councilman Kenny Hardin

2. Which of these statements from Tuesday’s primary election in Rowan County is not true?

A. Rowan County voters favored the Connect NC bonds by a 60-40 margin

B. Republican Johnny Love won one of the two GOP nominations for the Rowan County Board of Commissioners

C. Hillary Clinton was favored by Democratic primary voters in Rowan over Bernie Sanders

D. Donald Trump topped Nelson Cruz in the GOP presidential primary in Rowan by 9 percentage points

3. Rowan County’s voter turnout Tuesday for the primaries was the highest in a presidential year since 1984. What was the turnout?

A. 33.24 percent

B. 38.72 percent

C. 41.5 percent

D. 45.99 percent

4. Former Salisbury Mayor Susan Kluttz, now N.C. secretary of Natural and Cultural Resources, appeared at last week’s City Council meeting to thank the community for what?

A. Support of state historic preservation tax credits

B. Support of the N.C. Transportation Museum at Spencer Shops

C. Support of the N.C. Symphony

D. Support of N.C. Fine Arts Day

5. The N.C. Transportation Museum’s newest artifact is on loan from the Charlotte Historic Landmarks Commission. What is it?

A. The city of Charlotte’s first police car

B. The city of Charlotte’s first fire department ladder truck

C. A Charlotte taxicab from the 1940s

D. The city of Charlotte’s last trolley from the heyday of streetcars

6. Travel expenses accumulated by former Landis Mayor James Furr and the Board of Aldermen raised some questions in a recent Salisbury Post report. How much did the town board spend in travel from the 2014-15 fiscal year through Feb. 15 of 2016?

A. $27,000

B. $38,000

C. $45,000

D. $64,000

7. Piedmont Players Director Reid Leonard has an Irish setter named Izzy that’s a favorite backstage dog at the Meroney and Norvell theaters. Izzy, short for Isabella, is named after a character from what Shakespearean play?

A. “The Tempest”

B. “Measure for Measure”

C. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

D. “Hamlet”

8. Corriher-Lipe Middle School dedicates the first 60 minutes of every Wednesday to individualized, interactive learning, allowing teachers and students to pursue some of their passions. What is the name given to this period?

A. Intrigue

B. Purpose

C. Power Hour

D. Top of the Day

9. Historic Salisbury Foundation has named Karen L. Hobson as its new executive director. Hobson’s educational background is in what two disciplines?

A. History and philosophy

B. History and law

C. Archaeology and urban planning

D. Architecture and finance

10. The Kiwanis Pancake festival was held this past Friday and Saturday. In what year did the Kiwanis Club of Salisbury first start making pancakes to raise money for Kiwanis Charities?

A. 1946

B. 1957

C. 1963

D. 1971


1. C.
2. B.
3. A.
4. A.
5. D.
6. C.
7. B.
8. C.
9. D.
10. B.