Bob Wingate: No rain no gain

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 19, 2016

There was a post on Facebook recently that said, “Name one random thing about yourself.”  Something like that is so hard for me to figure out.  Random?   The word means “chosen without method or conscious decision; odd, unusual, or unexpected.”  In that I’ve never been able to do a ‘rain dance’ or any other thing to produce a rainstorm, then it could be considered random, I guess.   But I find a rainstorm neither odd nor unusual.  Maybe unusually beautiful.   Often, it is unexpected.   But then other times, it is predicted well in advance of the moment.  So random?   I’m not sure.. but that was my answer.

I love rain…  I don’t know why exactly.. except that it tends to refresh and invigorate me.  I cannot comprehend whenever people complain about rain.   The few times that rain has inconvenienced me have been random and easy to overlook.   It usually causes me to pause and reflect, and take deep breaths.

I just heard awhile ago that a rain shower is predicted for this afternoon.  So I grabbed my jacket and head for the front door, to get in a quick walk before the rain preempts me.  I’ll enjoy the walk, but I believe that I’ll enjoy the rain even more.   There’s almost nothing that I enjoy more than to sit on the front porch in my favorite rocking chair during a rainstorm, and listen to the heavy downpour.   I often take a book or my guitar out with me, and enjoy two pleasures at once.  There’s something about the rain that causes chill bumps, that makes me tingle.  It’s exciting!

Yes, I love the feeling of rain coming down and the pitter-patter sound of it hitting the roof, the pavement, or the window.  I even occasionally get brave and walk out into a heavy rain, and get myself soaked, just for the fun of it.  There are some that would never think of doing that, but clothes dry, and so do we.

When you think about rain in a spiritual sense, it was once a sign of God’s judgment.  Some believe that at the time of Noah and the great flood (Genesis chapters 6-9), there had never been any rain up until that point.  After the flood, God sent a rainbow to show a sign that water would no longer bring judgment.   It’s “odd” in a way for me to think of rain as a judgment.  Jesus also used rain to show the folly of people building their life upon a false foundation.  (Matthew 7:24-27)   Of course, people do occasionally drown.   But normally, that’s because they do something foolish, usually in waters that are nowhere close to shore and deep over their heads.   But getting hurt in a rainstorm is rather far-fetched to me, even though I’ve never been close to getting hit by lightning.   So there may be a bit of danger there.  But I’ve never felt it… yet.

Instead, rain to me is an adventure.  I get literally mentally and emotionally lost in a rainstorm.  I oftentimes park myself in that porch rocking chair, and lose myself in the midst of it all.  I love it when rain goes on and on for a couple of hours.  It brings a smile to my face, and lifts my heart.   It sometimes causes any pains or burdens of the day to go away.   Occasionally, I even write a song in the middle of a rainstorm.

Jesus talked of our spiritual lives as “rivers of living water” from the Holy Spirit (John 7:38).  Yes, rain brings not only death, but life.   It can be a refreshment to our souls, minds, and bodies.   It can help a bad day become good and a good day become better.

So, the next time it rains, don’t get mad or upset.   Don’t feel like your day is ruined.  No matter what previous plans that might be preempted or postponed, take time to enjoy the rain.

And then, always look for the rainbow.

For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike.  (Matthew 5:45)


 Bob Wingate is a freelance writer, musician, and promoter living in Salisbury. Read more at


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