Police unveil public crime, incident database

Published 3:36 pm Thursday, March 17, 2016

By Shavonne Walker


Salisbury Police have unveiled a public crime and incident database that can be used by citizens to search for crime-related information.

The online site, Police to Citizen, often referred to as P2C, is now active and is a database used by law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. Citizens can view daily bulletins, as well as search for specific incidents and recent arrest reports.

Residents will be able to review answers to frequently asked questions, view safety tips, and search lists for the city’s most wanted. In addition, residents can submit non-emergency reports through the site, which include vandalism or lost property.

“The Salisbury Police Department has been proactively researching ways to increase engagement with our citizens and develop a stronger trust relationship between law enforcement and the people which we serve,” Police Capt. Shelia Lingle said.

“Since its inception, P2C has proven to be a great tool for other agencies. We anticipate that it also will be a great tool for us in providing and receiving information,” Lingle said.

She added that while Police to Citizen is just one of the agency’s newest initiatives, the Salisbury Police Department “believes this particular communication method will lead to a greater partnership with our community members.”

To access the Police to Citizen website, visit p2c.salisburync.gov for more details.