Dr. Ada Fisher: Dissension is not oppression

Published 12:20 am Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Observing the back and forth of recent state primary elections, it is evident neither party gets it- — the electorate ain’t buying what is being sold.

This isn’t a forensic autopsy but rather a political clinical review, looking for lessons to be learned, preventive measures for healing and averting future cases of the disease infecting election selections. It is clear that the rank and file don’t understand how the top party organizations run, with many believing it is at the will of PACS and vested interests, rather than the grassroots.

A rebellion has begun with too many too willing to give up on democracy, daring to consider turning this republic even more to the European type socialism. Bernie Sanders reflects this ideology more than others.

Trump has more diversity on his staff than any candidate running, yet the media feeds a surging black rebellion aimed at him rather than look beneath his organizational veil to his foundations. Trump and Sanders both reflect calls for a different direction. What isn’t seen and better understood is what is behind the scenes.

The 2016 presidential races are a media fracas in which, as a CBS executive has noted, Trump has made them a lot of money.

Neglected is the free media pass given Hilary Clinton concerning evidence of guilt with her email carelessness as well as the lack of investigation into the Clinton Foundation’s conflicts of interest in accepting foreign monies — both likely a challenge to national security. It is clear that the nation’s security forces and its supervising Congress has neither the will nor cojones to indict and prosecute her for violations akin to what was done to Gen. David Petraeus or charges of treason which should be considered for Edward Snowden.

The willingness to consider Ted Cruz for president — a man who wasn’t even born in this nation, is willing to deny the 14th Amendment protections to children born in the nation to parents who aren’t here legally and who until two years ago hadn’t given up his Canadian citizenship —  should give us all pause.

The barbershops and beauty salons, businesses and families in mull over these issues and worry that they will lose things that aren’t even constitutional mandates such as college funds, health care benefits, food stamps and other perceived entitlements.

The nation’s debt now approaches $20 trillion, with no true thought or discussions held on how it will be reduced. The Treasury continues to raid the Social Security Fund and impound retirement options to barely touch the interest on our malignant, unharnessed spending as we race faster towards socialism.

Another unfortunate sidebar of this election and going forward is the inability of anyone who isn’t stacked with money or rich backers to become president.

On any given day, Clinton is beatable by Republicans whose enthusiasm is up, though a perceived lack of engagement with minorities persists. As predictable, the Democrats’ fall-back strategy depends on pandering to black voters, particularly in the South and in urban areas where their crumbs are often too little too late.

What we as a nation lack is confidence in our ability to rise above our problems. Faith and hope are waning as reality rears its head, helping us act as less than we are. What we love about this nation seems lost when laws aren’t enforced, citizen protections become trampled and homeland security fractured by a stealth invasion by enemies both foreign and domestic.

I was just asked last night if I was a conservative and if so what type? My answer was, is and always will be, I am a constitutionalist, and if it isn’t in the Constitution, we shouldn’t be doing it.

The part missed by conservatives about Judge Antonin Scalia (a Catholic) was his ability to engage with his judicial opposition — hunting with Judge Elena Kagen or indulging the classics with Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg (both Jews).

If we are to move forward as a nation, we must do it with some civility, agree to disagree and abide by the majority rule concepts unless such infringes on our constitutional liberties.

Dr. Ada M. Fisher, a physician, is the N.C. Republican National Committee Woman. Contact her at P.O. Box 777; Salisbury, NC 28145; DrFisher@DrAdaMFIsher.org