Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 13, 2016

1. A Rowan County animal control officer was put on administrative leave with pay, pending a state investigation into how a cat was hurt at the animal shelter. What kind of injury did the cat suffer?

A. Broken leg

B. Broken tooth

C. Broken back

D. Broken jaw

2. The Jerky Station in downtown Salisbury closed and is moving to another N.C. city. Where?

A. Hickory

B. Black Mountain

C. Asheville

D. Boone

3. Every year, in a tradition dating back to the 1970s, the N.C. Symphony plays a concert for Rowan-Salisbury students in what grade?

A. Third

B. Fifth

C. Seventh

D. 11th

4. When it was all said and done, in round figures, how much did the Wallace Educational Forum — Rowan-Salisbury Schools’ new administrative office — cost?

A. $5 million

B. $7 million

C. $9 million

D. $12 million

5. Ralph Wagoner, who with his two brothers was identified for decades with the Wagoner Construction Co., celebrated his 100th birthday Friday. What were the first names of these three Wagoner boys?

A. Ralph, Leon and Richard

B. Ralph, Ken and Walt

C. Ralph, Bill and Brown

D. Ralph, Greer and Temple

6. Former West Rowan High and University of Virginia football player K.P. Parks is getting a shot at professional football. What league drafted the running back in February?

A. Major League Football

B. Canadian Football League

C. European Professional League

D. National Football League

7. The Salisbury Symphony’s piano project, which places student-painted, working pianos in downtown Salisbury, will return for a second straight year in May. The name given to this public-interactive program is what?

A. “Come Tickle Our Ivories”

B. “Black and White Harmony”

C. “The Keys to Life”

D. “Street Music”

8. Which two 2016 presidential candidates made visits to either Cabarrus or Rowan counties this past week?

A. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

B. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

C. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

D. Bernie Sanders and John Kasich

9. A Salisbury Planning Board committee is looking at a couple’s proposal to convert the former Sacred Heart Catholic Church at 128 N. Fulton St. into what?

A. A microbrewery

B. A bed and breakfast

C. A wedding venue

D. A charter school

10. A Rowan County couple, David Fitzgerald and Theresa Tiano, have erected a 5-foot-tall by 12-foot-wide sign along U.S. 601 in support of what or whom?

A. Gov. Pat. McCrory

B. County Commissioner Greg Edds

C. A $2 billion statewide bond issue

D. Donald Trump


1. D.
2. D.
3. B.
4. C.
5. B.
6. A.
7. A.
8. A.
9. C.
10. D.