Yesterday: Ordination service at Bishop Jones’ home

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 7, 2016

This photograph, provided by local historian Reginald Brown, appeared in the July 1973 third edition of “The Strength of My Life, In Memoriam, The Right Reverend Raymond Luther Jones, 1948-1972.” It shows an ordination service in Jones’ home at 916 W. Horah St., Salisbury. Jones was a long-serving bishop at Hood Theological Seminary, when it was still on the campus of Livingstone College. Being ordained is Okon Abang Eyo from Nigeria, who is the man sitting in the middle. The men behind him, left to right, are the Rev. Edgar N. French, Dr. Walter L. Yates, the Rev. Jimmy J. Essian of Nigeria, Dean Frank R. Brown (editor of “The Strength of My Life”), the Rev. Herman Anderson and Bishop Jones.