Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 28, 2016

Atwell Township

William A. Hart under Christine S. Hart to Jay R. Lupo and wife, $62,000*

Gail Keener Croom to Howard L. Coleman Jr., $50,000

Rogers Townsend & Thomas to Richard Ray Odom, $20,500


China Grove Township

Matthew Hamrick to Kayla Patricia Hope Childress, $89,000

Ya Ya Properties LLC to Ali Rafatjah, $1,040,000

Katie Jo McCraven (Katie Jo Hinshaw) and husband to Charles Ray Good, $125,000

Travis LaFollette and wife to Reynaldo Tello Hernandez and wife, $18,000

Philip A. Glass to State Employee’s Credit Union, $18,000

Randy D. Harrison and wife to Meredith D. Alexander and husband, $205,000

China Grove 152, LLC to Wade Jurney Homes, $62,000

China Grove 152, LLC to Wade Jurney Homes, $93,000

W.J. Driver to Ancil A. Roten and wife, $50,000

JDK Homes Inc to Polly Anna Bullard, $73,500

Reba Hunsucker Barlow to Lisa Ann Hill, $50,000

Talon Marshall Wilson to Kyle A. Wilder, $57,000

Jon B. Hutchinson and wife to Jonathan R. Preston and wife, $90,000

Steven S. Simpson and wife to Andrew S. Pennington, $117,500

J.R. Construction and Remodeling, Inc. to Luz Maria Lopez Rojas, $29,000


Cleveland Township

Raymond Mack Jarvis III and wife to Charles Christian Barber, $215,000

U.S. Bank Trust to Optimistic Venture Group LLC, $31,000

Ephraim Ammon Mast and wife to Jian Rong Zheng and wife, $63,000

Springway Lane Trust to Jennifer Lee McNeely, $111,500

Franklin Township

James Alexander Brown to RHT Holdings LLC, $3,244,500

Robert L. Elliot and wife to Gilbert Orama and Lynda Doyle, $110,000

Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC to CitiFinanial Servicing LLC, $35,500

Betty Jo Powell to Jonathan E. Parham and wife, $50,000

Marie S. Lomax, Sally L. Turner, Laurie L. Barwick, Susan E. Lomx, Ann L. Cobb, Melissa S. Lomax and Donald H. Lomax Jr. to Edwards Timber Company, Inc, $46,500

Patricia L. Hall to Marlous H. Black and husband, $133,000

Gold Hill Township

Larry Darwin Fowler and wife, Cindy Fowler Martin and husband, Dena Fowler King and husband, Starla Fowler Smith and husband to John W. Fowler and wife, $115,000

Mark Mosher and wife to Jonathan D. McCaskill and wife, $200,000

Antosek Properties, Inc. to Haleigh Bigelow, $106,000

Daniel H. Cross and wife to Derek H. Porter and wife, $220,000

Zachary C. Miller and wife to Ronald Guile and wife, $185,000

Gilbert T. Sprinkle and wife to Advocacy Trust of Tennesee LLC, $220,000

Katherine D. Honeycutt to Zachary L. McClary and wife, $130,000

Henry Kyle Watterson to Sutherland’s Rentals 115 Shamrock, LLC, $35,000


Kannapolis Township

Clinton Pillsbury and wife to Stephen Cahoon and wife, $94,000

William Gladden and William W. Gladden and wife and Steven Lamar Gladden and wife to William Michael Gladden and wife, $50,000


Landis Township

Timothy J. Sonneborn and wife to LeMonica M. Jhnson and husband, $148,000

David Mayo and wife to Janet Allene Bible, $180,000

Litaker Township

David L. Cummings and wife to Gary David Igo and wife, $144,500

Barbara J. Fox Gibson and husband to Dan W. Tuller Jr. and Bonnie A. Spinek, $241,000

Kelly May to Jason McDougall and wife, $97,000

Lester E. Misenheimer and wife to Dan S. Ennis and wife, $98,5000

Gaynell D. Taylor to Paul W. Grubb, $140,000


Locke Township

Kayla L. Brown (Kayla Lynn Kelley) and husband to John Dennis Haldiman and wife, $198,000

Gaspar TrailCo Holding Company LLC to KB Godley XI LLC, $312,000

Lana D. Barger and Cass Cavell Safrit and wife and Howell Dead Safrit and wife and Swanna Jill Safrit (Jill S. Clay) to Lana S. Barger, $60,000

JPL Construction to Antosek Properties, Inc, $40,000


Morgan Township

Andrew Benson Christenbury Sr. to Melissa Gantt, $30,000

Julie Swicegood Jordan and husband to Timothy Dale Bost, $70,000


Mt. Ulla Township

Grayson Odell Stamey and Edith Laverne Stamey to Neal C. Hiatt and wife, $655,000


Providence Township

Russell Dean Harwood and wife to Drew Allan Harwood, $48,000

Built Green, Inc to John M. Ciochetto, $188,000

Salisbury Township

Hazel Marie Sofley (Hazel Sofley Head) to Delores H. Walker, $22,000

James E. Spencer and wife to Bill H. Peeler Jr. and Kip B. Peeler, $200,000

Jean Hall Peeler to Elizabeth Ashley Yagmur Lawson, $380,000

Han S. Namkung to Bruce A. Paskell and wife, $42,000

Tom E. Smith and wife to Lynn A. Denison, $105,000

Darrell J. Spells and wife to Salisbury Community Development Corporation, $19,000

Dennis C. Howell and wife to Milton Cain, $80,000

Wivianny S. Honeycutt and Solianny S. Kennerly and husband to Pamela Graves, $65,000

Lucinda Epperson and James Epperson (for Karen C. Young) to Michael K. Albright, $105,000

Destiny City Church, Inc to Concepts of Independence LLC, $28,000

Gretchen V. Forrest to Judy A. Kinley, $167,500

CommunityOne Bank to Curtis Lee Brown and wife, $3,500

Built Green Inc. to Kathy M. Aguirre, $173,500

Jorge Ruben Oritz Alvarado to Charles Luther Ridenhour Jr. and wife, $27,000

Habitat for Humanity of Rowan County to Roberta A. Danza, $105,000

Kenneth M. Bean to Patricia Elizabeth Perkins and Christopher Perkins, $45,000