Mayor reads to kids at Hanford-Dole

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 25, 2016

Salisbury Mayor Karen Alexander was a guest reader at Handford-Dole Elementary’s quarterly first grade book club. Alexander read the book “Froggy builds a tree house” to students, and talked to the class about her career as an architect.

Alexander demonstrated how to draw a simple blueprint and talked about how a good blueprint needs to include elevation levels and other details.

Alexander told students how important learning to read was to her and her career. When she asked the class if they loved to read, as well, they all raised their hands.

Hanford-Dole’s Book Club is sponsored by grants from Target Stores, Schneider Electric, and CIS-Rowan. Fran Simpson, Student Support Specialist with CIS, did a presentation on reading and writing to parents who were present. Hanford-Dole and CIS are committed to engaging the parents in school activities to better prepare students and parents to work together with the school.