Letters to the editor – Wednesday – 2-24-16

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Downtown Salisbury is
the envy of many towns

As we say goodbye to some good friends and special businesses in downtown Salisbury, we say hello to some exciting new businesses that have recently opened or are soon to open in our downtown. Businesses come and go in all retail settings for many different reasons. It is a completely natural occurrence and an opportunity to move forward in a positive direction.

I have been on Main Street for a very long time. I’ve seen many changes over those years. Downtown Salisbury has never looked or been better. We have more retail shops. We have more young business owners resulting in new young shoppers that we have not seen in a while. We have morphed into this quaint charming shopping destination. Downtown Salisbury is the envy of all small towns. Officials from other towns come to see Salisbury and learn how we have achieved our success. We have our own unique identity and thrive on that.

As retail centers move from one side of town to the other, downtown maintains as the energetic nucleus of our county. Our county and city are only as strong as our central business district. Thanks to our city leaders in the early 80’s for seeing that vision and putting in place the Main Street program that has made our beloved downtown what it is today. Downtown Salisbury really is the place!

— Pam Hylton Coffield


The writer is owner of Stitchin Post Gifts and a member of the Downtown Salisbury Board of Directors.

Talking back to Talkback

Our newspaper dated Friday, Feb. 19, contained several comments to which I wish to respond. The first is Sharon Doyle’s comment about Virginia Foxx “listening to her constituents.” Yes, Representative Foxx does respond both promptly and thoroughly to her constituents, by phone, mail and also personally, for I have been a recipient of her assistance.

Number two, regarding “gerrymandering” congressional districts. How soon we forget who starting this “managing” of districts. It began with Mel Watt, Democrat, and for years was permitted to remain as established for this purpose. Now I don’t even know where I’ll be able to vote or when.

— Lola Floss


Endorsement deadline

Letters endorsing candidates in the March 15 primary should be received in the Post newsroom by 5 p.m. March10 to be published before the primary.