Letters to the editor — Monday (2-22-2016)

Published 12:17 am Monday, February 22, 2016


Open your eyes and you’ll see why Trump is carrying the day

The people speak but no one listens. They see but do not seem to care. Change was promised but nothing changes. How can Republicans  act more and more like Democrats? A promise was made that when Republicans won the House of Representatives, things would change. Nothing changed. When we win the Senate, things will change. Nothing changes. Yet, they refuse to see why Trump is carrying the day!

When Obama began his presidency the debt was around $8 trillion. Today, the national debt is over $18 trillion, with nothing to show for this doubling. Yet, they still refuse to see why Trump is carrying the day!

Obamacare was recognized by Republicans to be a disaster, so not a single Republican voted for this legislation that is unaffordable and destructive to hospital and medical care insurance for the people. However, after a challenge by Republicans, the Supreme Court in effect rewrote the law and made it constitutionally acceptable. The Supreme Court’s authority is not to rewrite law but to rule on whether laws are Constitutional.

Obama realized the Affordable Care Act would not work as intended and on his own made over 30 changes to the law. The presidency is not the legislative but rather the executive part of government. Did the Senate and House, the legislative part of government, even make a peep? Did they challenge the Supreme Court or Obama? No. Yet, they still refuse to see why Trump is carrying the day!

The people do not want to elect Republicans that will or can work with Obama and the Democrats, but rather Republicans that will stop the reckless spending and pay attention to the Constitution. Have you heard any Democrats state that they want to work with Republicans? Yet, they still today refuse to see why Trump is carrying the day!

— Richard Roberts