Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 21, 2016

1. Rowan-Salisbury Schools’ new central office — the Wallace Educational Forum — is close to completion. What’s the scheduled move-in day?

A. Monday

B. Friday

C. Feb. 29

D. March 4

2. Salisbury City Council has denied a special-use permit sought by what downtown business?

A. Firehouse Brew Pit

B. Sidewalk Deli

C. Critters

D. Integro

3. Buncombe County Commissioner Holly Jones visited Salisbury this past week and spoke to a group of Rowan County Democrats. What state office is Jones running for?

A. Secretary of State

B. State school superintendent

C. Lieutenant governor

D. Attorney general

4. Under newly drawn N.C. congressional districts, Rowan County would be part of what two districts?

A. The 5th and 8th districts

B. The 8th and 13th districts

C. The 8th and 12th districts

D. The 5th and 12th districts

5. Georgia Smith, a stylist at Cool Nogginz Hair Salon in Spencer, is offering free haircuts for life to whom?

A. People over 70

B. Anyone with a disability

C. Livingstone College graduates

D. Active military and law enforcement personnel

6. A team from Gray Stone Day School in Misenheimer will be heading to Raleigh to compete for a state title in what?

A. Mock trials

B. Debating

C. Latin

D. The annual High School Quiz Bowl

7. Rowan Animal Clinic has recently completed the first-of-its-kind amenity in Rowan County. What is it?

A. A solar-powered kennel

B. A dog park

C. A racetrack for pigs

D. A 24-hour spay-and-neuter clinic

8. Alex Yates, who lives with primary ciliary dyskinesia and an immunodeficiency, declined gifts for his 14th birthday and asked for what instead?

A. Donated items for a yard sale to raise money to fight his disease

B. To spend a day as a Salisbury firefighter

C. A community blood drive

D. The donation of blankets for the American Red Cross

9. Which of the following will not be included in a Martin Luther King Jr. Dream Park proposed for 7 acres in Salisbury?

A. A Field of Dreams

B. A Dream Garden

C. A Dream Trail

D. A Dream Machine

10. Alice Overcash, who recently died at age 74, spent 33 years as a volunteer helping what organization?

A. Meals on Wheels

B. Scouting

C. Community Care Clinic

D. Salvation Army


1. D.
2. A.
3. C.
4. B.
5. D.
6. A.
7. B.
8. C.
9. D.
10. B.