Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 14, 2016

1. Bids for a new Rowan County EMS station came in $268,000 over budget. Where is this new EMS station supposed to be built?

A. Rockwell

B. Gold Hill

C. Poole Town

D. Woodleaf

2. Renovations have begun on the Rowan County-owned West End Plaza, which was formerly Salisbury Mall. These initial renovations will repair portions of the roof and provide new offices for what two agencies?

A. The Rowan County Animal Shelter and Department of Social Services

B. The Rowan County Tax Assessor and Rowan County Register of Deeds

C. The Rowan County Board of Elections and Veterans Services

D. Rowan County Environmental Services and the Rowan Transit System

3. Granite Quarry Elementary School received a $4,000 grant that will provide what special health services for 80 of its students?

A. Measles vaccinations

B. Small pox shots

C. Polio screenings

D. Dental care

4. The N.C. Middle District Court has declared that two N.C. congressional districts, the 1st and the 12th, were unconstitutionally drawn through racial gerrymandering. The 12th District touches parts of Rowan County. Who is the current U.S. representative for the 12th? District?

A. Mel Watt

B. Virginia Foxx

C. Richard Hudson

D. Alma Adams

5. A big transformation could occur at Knox Middle School as early as the 2016-2017 school year. In the future, Knox Middle School could become what?

A. A vocational/technical school

B. A charter school

C. A magnet school

D. A combination middle/high school

6. The funeral was held this past week for former State Sen. Paul S. Smith. Which one of these positions did the always-active Smith not hold over his lifetime?

A. County commissioner

B. N.C. House member

C. Rowan County GOP chairman

D. Scoutmaster

7. A new partnership between what two entities aims to revitalize six houses on West Monroe Street?

A. The city of Salisbury and the West End Community Organization

B. Livingstone College and Historic Salisbury Foundation

C. Salisbury Community Development Corp. and the Salisbury Housing Authority

D. The J.C. Price High School Alumni Association and the Blanche and Julian Robertson Family Foundation

8. Rowan-Cabarrus Community College is facing a smaller budget and staff cuts for the 2016-2017 school year because of declining enrollment. RCCC has had an estimated enrollment drop of how many students?

A. 400

B. 900

C. 1,200

D. 1,500

9. The J.C. Price American Legion Post has looked to the city of Salisbury to take responsibility for what kind of problems on the legion property?

A. Sinkholes

B. Cracked sidewalks in front of the legion building

C. Cracks in the parking lot

D. A broken water line

10. Travis Morehead is the new executive director for what organization?

A. Historic Salisbury Foundation

B. Rowan County Chamber of Commerce

C. Rowan Helping Ministries

D. LandTrust for Central North Carolina


1. A.

2. C.

3. D.

4. D.

5. C.

6. B.

7. B.

8. B.

9. A.

10. D.