Letters to the editor – Sunday (2-14-16)

Published 4:32 pm Sunday, February 14, 2016

Protect air, lungs against pollution

Mothers & Others for Clean Air, a program of the American Lung Association of the Southeast, was disappointed to hear the Supreme Court’s ruling to put the Clean Power Plan on hold as the courts review the legal challenges, delaying much-needed progress toward the reduction of harmful carbon pollution.

The decision does not necessarily need to delay real health benefits to our families and neighbors, as long as Gov. Pat McCrory chooses to move ahead with plans to reduce power plant carbon pollution in North Carolina.

Carbon pollution drives climate change that threatens lung health and safety today. The Clean Power Plan, which is the first-ever national plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants, is critical in our fight against climate change.

Meeting the plan’s original, generous deadlines promises significant health benefits, including the prevention nationwide of up to 3,600 premature deaths and 90,000 asthma attacks in 2030, as well as 300,000 missed days of work and school. N.C.’s families, including our most vulnerable populations, cannot afford delayed protection.

Governor McCrory, delay of these benefits would not only be disappointing, but dangerous. We hope you will continue to take steps to reduce carbon pollution from power plants by developing a strong state implementation plan, which N.C. can be ready to put in place when the litigation is resolved.

Mothers & Others for Clean Air and the American Lung Association will continue to defend this critical clean air and climate protection and encourage neighboring states to make progress as well. The impacts of carbon pollution and climate change are not going away, and neither should our governor’s commitment to protecting N.C. residents.

— Alison Lawrence Jones


Jones is project manager for N.C. Mothers & Others for Clean Air, a program of the American Lung Association.

Why not vote?

To step back and look at us, you would think we are in a third world country.

Reasons given for 50 percent of the country not voting are: “My vote doesn’t count”; “Special interests control the elections”; “It’s too time-consuming”, and all of those answers are correct to some extent.

The consolation that I get out of the voting process is being registered Un-Affiliated. When I go into my polling place I’m likely to see someone that I know and the person handing out ballots in the primary is going to ask me “which ballot do you want?”.

It’s better than being registered Democrat or Republican because they don’t even get that choice. The last day to register or switch your affiliation for the North Carolina primary is February 19th. Feel the Bern.

— Steve Arey


Thanks for ringing

I want to thank everyone who volunteered to ring the bell last Christmas and the businesses that cared enough about the needs of those in Rowan County to allow the Salvation Army to ring the bells to raise money to help our neighbors’ in-need.

We were able to provide Christmas gifts and assistance to over 1,100 children this year and handed out several hundred food boxes. On behalf of those we served, thank you to those who donated to the kettles, online and sent in donations. Thank you for caring about others.

The Salvation Army can’t solve the problem of poverty or emergency need with one fix. What we can do with the help of the United Way and community, with your donations, is give someone food, help with utility and heating bills and rent, when we have the funds to do so, and offer to pray with them, as God can do all things.

Remember the Salvation Army when the temperature is freezing. By supporting the Salvation Army, you are helping a lot of struggling neighbors. The Salvation Army is located at 620 Bringle Ferry Road in Salisbury. Our mailing address is P..O. Box 625, Salisbury, NC.

— Capt. Bobby Carr


Carr is the corps officer for the Salvation Army in Salisbury.

About the trooper

To the people that know who was riding the four wheelers and know the one that ran over the trooper and are not coming forward, SHAME ON YOU.

— Don Shoaf