Letters to the editor – Thursday (2-11-16)

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 11, 2016

Officer did not deserve dismissal

This is referring to the article in the Post recently concerning the firing of Salisbury Police Sgt. Richard Willis.

My husband and myself and so many others that know Richard and his family found this to be unbelievable. This was shock and awe!

We feel something is not right and cannot understand this. These actions he is accused of are certainly not the Richard we all know. He has always been thoughtful and kind to others and showed respect to others.

This family prays together each and every day.

Whatever took place could not possibly have been a direct intent to harm someone in any way.

He loved the police force and worked himself up to sergeant in a very short time. There  have been articles in the Post concerning his work as an officer.

Whatever took place could not possibly be severe enough for the action that was taken. I feel he was too harshly judged and too quickly. You need to think of the overall picture here.

Richard is a nice person and comes from a wonderful family. He was a very good officer and loved his work.

Richard, may God hold you close during this difficult time.

— Pat Bassinger


How long?

It takes gas in a car to help it operate. It takes what God created in us, including the Holy Spirit of Jesus, to get us going in the right direction in life.

The movie “13 Hours: the Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” needs your heart and true attention.

Concern for the future of our precious children and grandchildren inspires me to write God’s story that each of us has in our hearts and lives to share to give hope in a chaotic, seemingly Godless world.

We must learn that God has the answer through his book, the Bible, and his Holy Spirit in us.

I am ready to admit that, like some who like to write or create music, my desire has been stronger through the Holy Spirit and the experiences of heart break, pain and past crises in my life. Through God’s grace and mercy, with much love and support from family and friends, I am enjoying a completely healed, happy life in Christ. My story is no different than most of the world that cries today for love, hope, support and answers to take away fears.

The “13 Hours” movie is an example of some of the ugly truth we must realize that takes place when some politicians let the human need for power and the worldly need for money get in the way of decisions. We today seem not to place God first. As the movie “War Room” revealed, we belong to Jesus first. How long before we learn this and other lessons available to us?

Remember the heart-broken families of the Benghazi disaster, praying for them and putting yourselves in their place.

I’m praying that those responsible (but not claiming responsibility) realize deep down that God does have his own plans to serve his justice, but in his own time and in his own way.

— Carol Cauble