Food Lion’s top 10 ‘super fan’ foods for the Big Game

Published 10:42 am Friday, February 5, 2016

When it’s time for the biggest football game of the year, the snacking is just as important as the sacking. Did you know big game parties have become the second largest eating event of the year following Thanksgiving?

In anticipation of Sunday’s big event, Food Lion has named its top 10 super fan foods to make shopping super easy for customers. The top 10 foods include:

  1. Game-day chicken wings: First in the lineup are chicken wings. Whether served sweet, tangy or spicy, you can never go wrong with tasty, game-day wings. Add some fresh celery to get your power play of veggies.
  2. 12-pack sodas: On or off the field, no one should go thirsty for the big game. Twelve-pack sodas are the perfect thirst-quenching option to offer varieties for every fan at your party.
  3. Tortilla chips for a perfect play: What is a dip without some good chips? Whether you prefer scoops, multigrain or flavored, tortillas are a great pair for all your favorite dips. Don’t forget the avocados for your favorite guacamole recipe.
  4. Fan-zone favorite frozen pizza: Your party menu just got easy and affordable. With many selections to choose from, frozen pizzas are the perfect way to get you out of the kitchen and back in the fan zone. Turn this snack into a meal by choosing a fresh salad mixes to keep your guests cheering all evening long.
  5. Cupcakes for all: No matter which team you’re cheering for, you can never beat the sweets. Cupcakes make the perfect, bite-size treat for all football lovers.
  6. Raise the stakes with ribeye steaks: This is a classic choice for grill masters and game-goers everywhere. Pair with your favorite steak sauce or marinade, fresh potatoes and enjoy!
  7. Fan-selected potato chips: Chips are always a crowd-pleasing favorite. Play up your food with the many flavors and types of potato chips found at Food Lion.
  8. Don’t forget the ground beef: Throw some patties on the grill or whip up some tasty chili, your culinary creativity options are endless .
  9. Classic crackers: No surprise crackers are a fan food favorite. These crackers make a perfect team with something sweet or savory on game-day.
  10.  Halftime huddle with St. Louis rib style pork ribs: Keep guests going through halftime with a hearty rack of St. Louis rib style pork ribs. This ‘no silverware needed’ option is another customer favorite for the biggest football game of the year.