Quotes of the week

Published 11:38 am Friday, January 29, 2016

“We’re actually the Paris of the Piedmont. I tell that to everyone. I live in the Paris of the Piedmont.”

— Karen Alexander, Salisbury mayor, at City Council retreat

“What I and a lot of people I’ve talked to feel is that this city is viewed through one prism, through one lens, and it doesn’t include the interests, the concerns, the thoughts, opinions of the black and brown community.”

— Kenneth Hardin, Salisbury City Council, at council retreat

“You can’t be the noun until you’ve done the verb.”

— Dale Folwell,  GOP candidate for state treasurer, on “conservative” candidates who have never conserved anything

“I didn’t realize when I ran for council that I was going to be sitting on the board of an electrical company.”

— Dorland Abernathy, Landis mayor pro tem, on being responsible the town’s utility and attending ElectriCities conferences

“If we want to get down to 12 elementaries or whatever, that’s the long range; we begin to have this discussion now.”

— Dr. Richard Miller, RSSS school board member, on school consolidation