Letters to the editor – Thursday (1-28-16)

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 28, 2016

Buckwell will do a good job for Kannapolis Schools

I read with great interest and pride the article congratulating Dr. Chip Buckwell on being named Kannapolis City Schools superintendent. I have known Dr. Buckwell for approximately 40 years going back to our days at student athletic trainers at Appalachian State University. KCS could not have chosen a better man, educator, leader, and teacher to be their superintendent. His infectious smile and enthusiasm for the job will continue to lead the KCS to even greater heights.

To any negative comments or questions directed towards is decision I only ask that you not be so quick to judge or condemn the board for this hire but direct your concerns and outrage towards Raleigh and the “Kings on the Hill” who have gutted education and the teaching profession in my home state. Dr. Chip Buckwell will not be the problem. Congratulations, Chip!

— Mike Smith

York, S.C.

Try North Korea or Syria

I am deeply disappointed in the Salisbury Post that they would give Wes Rhinier 18 inches of column space for his My Turn diatribe in the Monday Post (“Time for two Americas”). It must have been a really slow news day. I am reluctant to write this letter because I am embarrassed that my friends now know I read it.

It seems to me that Mr. Rhinier wants us to know that he has a book of quotations by famous people. Nothing more, except trash. Why the Post would give him all this space is beyond me, in spite of freedom of speech. After 18 inches, he says, “I don’t have the space available here to go through all the injustices that our federal government has forced upon us. …” How much more would he need?

Mr. Rhinier, I believe I am a Real American, after a career of military service, and I am not outraged at President Obama. Disappointed perhaps, but not outraged. If you really feel this way, I wish you would consider moving someplace else — far away — like North Korea or Syria, where you would have real injustices to talk about.

— Jack Connery