Patti Kadick: Unexpected, maybe

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 23, 2016

I know am not the only one often eager to talk about . . . the best ever chocolate chip cookie, author, newspaper, city. Or religion. Yes, most of us love our chosen faith and want to be heard.

But I’ve had to ask myself: is it about my getting to speak. About what I love? I mean is it afterall all about me?

So I yearn to listen for the Divine to take me over. You know the feeling, when true grace unexpectedly enters . . . and it becomes, afterall all about Love divine already there. Everywhere.

Like the day last fall when I flew into Toronto, then caught a van downtown. The driver was so pleasant. I asked him if he enjoyed his work―”O yes. The company is employee-owned, so we love doing it right. Keeps us on task.”

One topic led to another. The Blue Jays . . . hopes for victory. Halloween . . . its bigness everywhere; I couldn’t resist saying the big danger: not all candy would be given away and I’d eat it! He paused then nodded. The day before he’d bought bags of small chocolates to hand out. First thing home ripped one open, grabbed four bars and immediately ate three. His wife watched in amazement, then said “tell me you’re not eating that fourth one!”

He and I laughed, ”Caught!”

Conversation went to horrors around the globe, where talk easily drifts. Yet we agreed that there is so much good happening. His concern about kids, and the shallowness that technology can foster, led to our agreeing that they’ll want more and will seek it out. That we must not forget that our prayers do make a difference.

He mentioned a sleep difficulty he’d found help for ― still his frustration spoke, “I don’t like it. But what can I do I have this sickness.”

Believing strongly about it, I said, ”You don’t have to agree.”

He asked why I’d come. I said for a meeting about Christian Science and the spiritual healing it brings. He wondered what it was. I explained that it taught me tools of thought that translate into peace and health; a Science proclaiming that the God of Love can take us beyond a mere wishing for good by revealing our innate spirituality. That inspires me to learn how to abide in God’s as the best health-care. And yes, that part of it is not agreeing with sickness, because not from God.

Talk took other paths. Gorgeous city lake fronts. Places we love. His little kids, my grown ones. His wife ― so clever.

Suddenly, there was the hotel.

As if out of the blue, he said, “Yes you’re right. If I keep saying I’m sick I’m sick I will be . . .” Though I hadn’t said that, I readily agreed.

So without planning it, I got to talk of the religion I love ― Christian Science. Not to be confused with Scientology, for Christian Science came about from deep Bible study by 19th Century Mary Baker Eddy. A woman gravely ill who tested medicines, practiced homeopathy only to find as did the widow “with the issue of blood” that she was left with nothing. No health. No money. Until Christ healing entered her life.

Then, there at the curb my friend appeared, retrieving my luggage from the trunk. The driver chuckled, “somebody’s stealing from my car . . ..” We both laughed and shook hands. Looking into my eyes, he thanked me for getting him to think.

Yet I’d felt he was the gift. We’d shared the Christ-spirit― which always ― when we truly listen for it, pulls us up higher.

Patti Kadick lives in Salisbury. This first appeared on her blog:

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