Letters to the editor (1-14-16)

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 14, 2016

Powerball tickets
are a waste of money

I am saddened and dismayed that your paper would promote the “get rich quick” terrible Powerball with an article on the front page. Why didn’t you tell the downside, which it mostly is?

I cringe and feel so sorry for people I see in groceries and convenience stores indulging themselves with hard earned money. I cannot understand it. Those that usually buy tickets are those who can least afford it, who spend a greater percentage of their income on tickets. What a horrendous waste of money. Put that money in the bank and save it. Don’t throw it away.

— Dick Richards


Great ballplayer and man

The writer is referring to the recent death of Jay Ritchie, who pitched in the minor and major leagues and worked at a local car dealership in later years.

My condolence to the Ritchie family.

I played for Woodleaf High School against Jay’s team. I know he was an exceptional player. His ball would whistle as it crossed the plate.

I also traded cars with him several times while he worked at the dealership. He was a great ballplayer and also a great man. He will be missed.

— Grady Holshouser Jr.


The comfort of peace

He gives me an inner smile that never stops.

I can talk to him and hear him listen at any time of day. He surrounds me with a comfort of peace.

His is God, and God is love.

— Patricia Forney