Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 10, 2016

1. After almost 35 years as activities and life enrichment director at Trinity Oaks Health and Rehab, Brenda M. Zimmermann has retired. When she first went to work at the Salisbury facility in 1981, what was its name?

A. Pleasant Valley Nursing Home

B. Sunny Days Respite Care

C. Lutheran Home for the Aged and Infirm

D. Methodist Manor

2. North Carolinians living near coal ash ponds, such as those located adjacent to Duke Energy’s Buck Steam Station, have formed a group describing itself as “a way for residents from across the state to connect in solidarity in their demands to end the coal ash crisis.” What’s the name for this group?

A. NCCACAP — N.C. Citizens Against Coal Ash Ponds

B. ACT Against Coal Ash

C. CAMG — Coal Ash Must Go

D. Everyday Is Ash Wednesday for Us

3. The Department of Environmental Quality recently has changed the priority ranking on the coal ash sites at Buck Steam Station. What is the new priority?

A. Extremely high

B. High

C. Medium-to-high

D. Low-to-intermediate

4. Friday was the last day of work for 936 employees who were laid off at the Daimler Trucks (Freightliner) plant in Cleveland. Thanks to the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, these employees will receive paychecks until what date?

A. Jan. 22

B. Feb. 5

C. Feb. 19

D. March 5

5. This past week, Salisbury City Council approved $7.2 million to purchase what?

A. Water meters

B. New turnout gear for the Fire Department

C. New cameras for Salisbury Police cars

D. New street signs throughout Salisbury

6. Fulton Heights residents in Salisbury attended a recent meeting of the Rowan County Board of Commissioners to ask the county’s help in what?

A. Bringing back the neighborhood’s historic trolley line

B. Dealing with dogs that are attacking neighborhood pets

C. Providing more ways for Rowan Countians to recycle

D. Establishing a Fulton Heights voting precinct

7. Former Major League Baseball pitcher Jay Ritchie of Rockwell died this past week at age 80. What three teams did Ritchie pitch for in the majors?

A. Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves and Cincinnati Reds

B. Baltimore Orioles, Washington Senators, Chicago White Sox

C. Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants

D. New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies

8. In the Salisbury Post’s “10 to Watch” list for 2016, who said he or she would want celery for a last meal?

A. Meg Ham

B. Javon Hargrave

C. Andrew Brock

D. Tod Kubo

9. At their retreat this past week, when Rowan County commissioners discussed significant barriers to economic growth, which of the following drew a lively exchange between Commissioners Judy Klusman and Craig Pierce?

A. Education

B. Poverty

C. Inaction by previous county leaders

D. Workforce training

10. Piedmont Players’ next big production (Jan. 28-Feb. 6) at the Meroney Theater is what?

A. “Welcome to Mitford”

B. “And Baby Makes Three”

C. “The Manchurian Candidate”

D. “Mame”


1. C.

2. B.

3. D.

4. D.

5. A.

6. B.

7. A.

8.  C.

9. B.

10. A.