10 to watch: Kristy Woodson Harvey

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kristy Woodson Harvey is a young mother and an author with a second book about to come out through a mainstream publisher.

She grew up in Salisbury, daughter of former Salisbury Mayor Paul Woodson and wife Beth. She also interned at the Salisbury Post in 1999, honing her writing skills. With a journalism degree from the University of Chapel Hill, she has a 4-year-old son and a husband who is a Kinston dentist.

“Dear Carolina” was published by Berkley in 2015 and now her next book, “Lies and Other Acts of Love” will be available in the spring.

She also has a popular blog with her mother, Design Chic, about home decor.

Job title: Mother, writer and blogger.

Age: 30. I admit it, was hanging on to 29, but now I’m 30.

Where do you live? Kinston.

If you won $1 million in the lottery, what would you do? Ever since I watched “You’ve Got Mail” as a little girl, I’ve been enamored of the idea of having my own bookshop. Bookstores are an integral part of any great town, and I envision it as a space where people can meet and talk about books, where literacy can be expanded and lifelong learning undertaken. Salisbury is so incredibly lucky to have the Literary Bookpost, (I spend most of my time in bookstores these days, and, let me tell you, we have a gem!) but Eastern North Carolina bookstores are dwindling, and we need more!

Also, microloans are one of my favorite ways to donate, and it would seem fitting for me to celebrate starting my business by helping others see their dream come to life.

Finally, I think it would be amazing to fund some sort of scholarship to UNC’s School of Media and Journalism. Along with writing for the Salisbury Post, I consider graduating from there one of the fundamental things that set me on my path and would love to give someone else that chance.

And, I mean, let’s be real: There will be shoe shopping.

Favorite hobby: I always used to say “writing” when I was asked this question. I guess your job can’t really be your hobby, but, since I’m a stay-at-home mom and a blogger, the writing still happens in the spaces between “real” life. So I guess I’m just lucky enough to be able to say that my job and my hobby are one in the same!

Who should play you in a movie? I’d like Blake Lively to play me. I think she is so lovely and talented and you always want to see yourself in the best possible light, right? We’ll have to work on her Southern accent a little, but she’s up to the task!

What would you choose for your last meal? All chocolate, pure cooclate. My mom makes this rocky road fudge, that would be it.

Which person in Salisbury or Rowan County would you call someone to watch in 2016? Downtown developers like the Wallace family, Chad Vriesema, Bryan Wymes, the Moscardini family, Bill Graham, Luke Fisher, the Morgan Ridge Vineyards… I’m sure I’m leaving someone out, so I’m sorry! It is a huge point of pride for me when someone, after asking where I’m from, says, “Salisbury has the best downtown.” I always reply, “Wait until you see it in a few years!” With the beautiful new Rowan County School building anchoring the north end and so many incredible projects taking place in between, it truly is a place that has become a model for downtown living.

Biggest challenge for Rowan County in 2016: Well, of course, I can’t imagine how Salisbury will possibly continue forward without my dad on city council!

But, seriously, I think one of Rowan County’s challenges is the same one that is facing so many smaller communities: attracting corporations to the area to create new jobs. It’s hard to pinpoint one thing, but there’s no doubt that good jobs with benefits are something that could be very beneficial.

Biggest hope for Rowan County in 2016: I think Rowan County has been on a great path of economic growth and development, and I’d love to see that continue. It would also be fantastic to see someone take on the Empire Hotel project. It would be a beautiful way to anchor downtown’s south end.

Reaction to making the list: Shocked! And so completely flattered. No matter where I live, Salisbury is always, always my town, and I claim it as such. No matter where else life takes me, my hometown is always in my heart.