Keep reading: A note from Superintendent Lynn Moody

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 20, 2015

Enjoying a break from school can mean a respite from homework and daily schedules, as students look forward to the academic downtime. Let them sleep in, play with friends, and relax, but don’t let their reading time slip!

Your student will be heading back to their school routine in the blink of an eye. In order to keep your child’s skills sharp over the break and to help them have a smooth re-entry back to school in January, please take time each day to read as a family. Research shows one of the most essential activities a child can engage in to build academic success is reading.

Try these family friendly activities to keep your student’s skills sharp while you are enjoying family time.

1. Read for pleasure: Find one of your favorite books and read it again. Have a conversation around what makes this book special and why it is one of your favorites. Let your child share their favorite book with you and tell you why it is their favorite. Sharing the joy of reading with your child will spark a greater interest in reading.

2. Read an Achieve3000 article: This will help improve your 3rd through 12th grade student’s lexile level by getting closer to the 40 mark. Articles are available for every interest; find one that appeals to you. Once your child has read 40 articles and successfully completes the activities that go along with the article, they will receive an iREAD40 wristband highlighting that accomplishment. Please encourage your child to use Achieve3000 over the break, as items will count if completed during school hours.

3. Visit the public library: Families can visit the public library to check out books, read together, or learn about upcoming events. View the Rowan Public Library’s website at for specific dates and times of special events at a branch near you.

4. Connect with technology: Your child can read from many of their favorite online resources. They will have access to TumbleBooks, Big Universe, NC Wise Owl and Raz Kids over the break. Have them login, find their favorite book, curl up with you and show off their reading skills. Children love to show you what they know!

5. Share a book: Trade with a friend or give one of your favorite books away as a gift to celebrate the holiday season. The gift of a book is always a great way to celebrate the joy of reading.

You do not have to be an expert to help keep your student’s reading skills sharp. Research shows that children read more when they see others reading. Children who are read to at least three times per week are better readers. During the break, be sure to make a plan to read each day and help your child make the connection that reading is not just something we do for school.

Let’s work together to build a community of lifelong readers, not just school-time readers.