My Turn: The guns don’t fire themselves

Published 12:12 am Monday, December 14, 2015

By Richard Roberts

A few years ago the PC (political correctness) gang came down hard on SUVs.  They were too big, used too much gas and were dangerous.  Even today you will see newspaper reports about an SUV that jumped the curb and crashed down an embankment.  From such articles, you’d think an SUV has a mind of its own taking over the control of your vehicle and endangering your life. It didn’t work because people like their SUVs.  If you should be involved in a wreck, would you rather be in an SUV or a Smart car?  Your chances of survival are more likely in the SUV.

Today, we have the words “gun violence.” Can someone explain just how a gun becomes violent?  Does a gun or an SUV have a will of its own? Like SUVs, guns are inanimate objects. They do not have a will of their own.

But, you might say, when behind the wheel of an SUV, some drivers just bully their way in traffic — or when someone picks up a gun, it just makes them want to kill.  Is this a volition of the SUV or a gun? Maybe it is the nature of some people to drive irresponsibly or of others in their sickness to believe that killing is their only recourse for some extreme religious belief.

But the PC crowd, the progressives, the liberal Democrats, including President Obama, blame the NRA and Congress for not enacting more gun control laws when the problem lies with the mentally deranged. How do we find them, how do we identify them because new gun laws do not address the real problem, deranged psychopathic people?  This should be the focus of our response to the supposed gun violence in America.

It is so much easier for progressives to talk about supposed “gun violence” since this would accomplish two goals for them.   The first goal: more gun laws, which will accomplish exact nothing to stop the killing but it will appear that the progressives are really trying to do something. The second goal: to disarm the people any way they can and make way for more control of your life and freedom and, of course, a bigger and better government to take care of your every need.  How nice is that!

It is unfortunate for those who believe that a bigger government has your best interest in mind when in reality their interest is just in bigger government and they believe they (the progressives) know what’s best for you. You are just too stupid to know what’s in your best interest and if you could just understand what they are trying to do for you, why you would join them in this effort to take complete control of your life.  This is the nature of socialism, communism, and fascism.  In America today it goes by the name liberal fascism and is just the American version of the above.

Do Americas still believe in the Constitution or is it antiquated?  Do we still believe in freedom and free enterprise — or are we becoming more and more dependent?  Do we accept responsibility for our life — or is someone else to blame?  Too many of us believe government is the answer when government is the problem.

This next election is probably the most important one in your lifetime. Four more years of the same ideas in government as the last seven years, I’m afraid, would end this democracy with monetary collapse for the world and America.  This world is on the edge of becoming extremely violent with much disorder and hunger ravaging the people.  I can’t tell you how to vote but you better become informed about the issues; voting is the one freedom you still have.

Richard Roberts lives in Kannapolis.

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