Students review the Norvell performance of ‘The Best Christmas Pageant Ever’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 10, 2015

Salisbury Academy third- and fourth-grade students had the chance to preview and review the holiday comedy “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” at the Norvell Theater. Here’s what they said:     

Third grade

  • “I love the play! The Herdmans did a great job! They acted and looked just like the actual people. I also liked Charlie Bradley, he was really funny.” — Ashley
  • “I liked the Herdmans because they were bad but after they heard the Christmas Story they were a different person.” — Caroline
  • “I loved Charlie Bradley because he kept talking funny about the Herdmans. I also like Claude and Leroy because they both had a attitude.” — Landon
  • “Gladys was an awesome character. SHAZAAM! She rocked it. Keep it up she has talent! Unto you a child is born!” — Ana
  • “I love the play The Best Christmas Pageant Ever! I love all the directors. The producer did the play fantastically! The Shepherds were great. I love everyone in the play. Gladys said things cleanly and I loved how she said ‘SHAZAAM!'” — Lucy
  • “I really liked the play because the actors put a lot of enthusiasm into the play. I also liked the play because it was very humorous. I felt like I would burst with laughter. In my opinion it was a great play!” — Emma
  • “I liked Gladys Herdman she yelled ‘SHAZAAM’ and the way she yelled ‘unto you a child is born!'” — Peyton
  • “I like Charlie Bradley because it was funny when the Herdmans carried him away.” — Drew
  • “I love when Imogene Herdman was whacking the baby Jesus on the floor and throwing him into the manger because I thought it was ridiculous and that isn’t what you do with a baby especially Jesus.” — Gracie
  • “I loved the play it was funny!” — Abby
  • “The play was outstanding, awesome and action packed. I loved it and liked Imogene Herdman the best. Mrs. Armstrong was bossy and funny too. If you’ve read the book it’s good but the play is great.” — Hines
  • “I really liked the play because it was funny and the Herdmans were mean and it shocked me when the Herdmans wanted to be in the Christmas Pageant.” — Noah
  • “I liked Charlie Bradley because he has a funny song and I really like it.” — Hank
  • “I really liked the play because all six of the Herdmans were so funny. Especially the part when Charlie got carried away.” — Lucas
  • “Sarah Hallett the mother in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever was really good at the drama and the acting that Reid the director gave her. The play was great!” — Eve
  • “My favorite character is Charlie Bradley because he is good at acting and very funny!” — James
  • “It was the best play I ever saw!” — Ella
  • “I loved The Best Christmas Pageant Ever because of Imogene Herdman. I liked how in the end that she started to be nice.” — Bo
  • “I like Charlie Bradley when he told Leroy that he got chocolate cake and refreshments when all 6 of the Herdmans came to Sunday School.” — Keaton
  • “I loved the play. My favorite character of all the Herdmans was Gladys because she was full of energy and when she said Shazaam! My favorite character would have to be Charlie.” — Gray

Fourth Grade

  • “I liked the Herdmans the best because they did a great job. I also liked how big the set was. I felt like I was at church. That was about the best play I’ve seen.” — Reid
  • “My favorite part is when Gladys Herdman came running in late and said more than she was supposed to.” — Emberleigh
  • “I like it because it was amazing. I have never seen something so funny. The characters put feeling into it and act like the book says. It is so good I want to go see it again.” — James
  • “This play and the marvelous actors had a splendid performance. I highly recommend it to people who want a good laugh. Got to the Norvell now!” — Eva
  • “I think that The Best Christmas Pageant Ever was amazing it especially was when one woman was talking to another woman about trusting Imogene Herdman with a real baby, while Imogene was whacking the baby doll on the ground.” — Emmaline
  • “There was a lot of energy. I liked the way Imogene Herdman started crying at the end. I also liked the way the main angel came running in with the news of Jesus’ name.” — Millie
  • “It really brought back memories from when I was reading the book. I could really tell that they put a lot of heart and hard work into it.” — Ethan
  • “The moral of this play is, don’t judge a person by how they act. Like there was a family called the Herdmans and they were bad news. They stole people’s lunch and all the kids smoked cigars. But they were in the pageant about Jesus. They did great in the show but they didn’t do good in rehearsal. There was a funny part when Mary needed a baby and she called on Charlie to do it and carried him away. It was funny!” — Kari
  • “I liked it because it was surprising and funny. I think they chose the right actors.” — Jack
  • “I liked the play because I think when people were auditioning for the play they chose the right people to be in the show. Everyone did an amazing job. I could tell everyone practiced a lot. It was great because I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. It truly was the Best Christmas Pageant Ever.” — Brenna
  • “I liked the play because it really helped me remember the book from when we heard it in the library. I think every school should go see it.” — Sheenya
  • “Gladys has so much enthusiasm at the end. Everyone thought that the play was going to be a disaster because of the Herdmans. But everyone enjoyed it because of the Herdmans.” — Sonya
  • “I loved the part in the play when Gladys spoke the words, ‘Shazaam!’all the time when she was chosen for the angel of the Lord. I also thought it was funny when one of the angels said, ‘Onstage we do not say good luck, we say break a leg.” — Moira
  • “I liked the play because what happened in the play could really happen. My favorite part was when Gladys Herdman ran down the aisle saying, ‘Unto us a child is born.’ I have always loved this book but they really brought it to life.” — Calli
  • “The play was wonderful because all the fabric they used fit their personality. Also when the actresses said their parts they used so much expression.” — Elizabeth
  • “I loved the play because everyone has energy. I thought the play grabbed your attention just by watching the actors act and how funny it was.” — Will
  • “I loved the play because the director really put a lot of thought into the play. Also, I loved the characters. My favorite was Imogene Herdman. My favorite part was when Imogene hit the poor baby on the ground.” — Lucy

“The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” will play at the Norvell Theater Dec. 11 and 18 at 7:30 p.m. and Dec. 12 and 19 at 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students and seniors. The Norvell Theater reports that tickets for the Dec. 11 showing are already sold out. For tickets call 704-633-5471 or purchase online at