Letters to the editor – Wednesday (12-2-15)

Published 12:10 am Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A life is a life, after all, isn’t it?

I am excited about all the compassion in Washington, D.C., concerning the Syrian refugees. So many of those compassionate people are the same ones defending the killing of tiny, helpless babies in the womb. So it is my hope that they will begin to have compassion for the baby. A life is a life!

Since the horrible shooting in Denver at Planned Parenthood, our president has come out and mentioned those bad guns. It is sad that three people died there and many were injured. How many little babies had died there? And our president is OK with that? A life is a life!

When a nation allows, even encourages, a mother to kill her baby, how can we honestly get compassionate about strangers from afar? So what is really going on here?

— Donna Kesler


Good neighbor

We thoroughly enjoyed the article in Sunday’s Post by David Freeze about Gerald “Whitey” Ross. We fully agree with comments by Allen Cook that Gerald is one of the most honest, dedicated and loyal persons you will ever know.

What the article didn’t say was that Gerald is also the best neighbor you could ask for. He’s always willing to lend a helping hand and, more importantly, he personally delivers our Salisbury Post to our back doorstep almost every morning of the year, rain or shine.

Thanks to the Salisbury Post for recognizing our good friend Gerald Ross and the wonderful example he is for all citizens of Salisbury and Rowan County.

— Ronnie Smith


Leaves pose risk

I am disappointed that the city of Salisbury has not cleaned up the leaves on the sides of the roads. Because of this, citizens are forced to drive down what seems like one-lane roads. If the leaves are not picked up there is a high possibility that a driver might get into a car accident. This could lead to law suits against the city of Salisbury.

— Gabriel Dufour


More pickup

Leaves! Leaves! Leaves! Have you noticed all the leaves on the street lately? The mixture of rain and leaves is becoming dangerous for many drivers and walkers. These leaves need to be picked up more frequently by the city of Salisbury Leaf Collection Program. The faster they are picked up the safer we will be.                           

— Riley Dillon