Great NC Beer Map might be just the right gift

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2015

OK, now here’s the gift for the beer-lover who has everything — a guide to more beer.

With the explosion of microbreweries (maybe explosion is a bad choice) in our state, the creative team of EDIA, Amanda Fisher and Paul Bright, have created a map hops-packed with information. It will include New Sarum Brewery, set to open soon in Salisbury.

They also created the Great NC BBQ Map, which has already sold more than 12,000 copies.

At $9.99 for the convenient fold-out version, the map will make an appreciated gift for beer officianados. And, if your beer lover needs a big poster for his man cave or her she shed, it’s also available in that form, for $29.99.

The Great NC Beer Map is for sale on their website and at retail locations around North Carolina.

Using an infographic approach that combines the convenience of a map with the depth of a guidebook, the printed road map is the most comprehensive guide to the Southeast’s biggest craft brewing state.

The Great NC Beer Map provides detailed information on all the 181 craft breweries and 43 major beer festivals in North Carolina and can be used as a resource for planning a trip and tracking one’s travels.

Aside from basic information, such as addresses, hours and phone numbers, symbols and icons provide details on brewery tours, special release days, beer distribution, food availability, game availability, pet-friendliness, and hours for those 21 and over. Breweries that are production-only and not open to the public are also indicated.

Call-outs on the front of the map highlight the major brewing areas of the state: downtown Asheville, Charlotte and downtown Raleigh. Walking times between breweries are indicated in these areas of high concentration to help map-users plan brewery crawls.

“Our goal is to take layers of complex information and find new systems for arranging it, so it becomes intuitive and easy to understand,” said Creative Director and Co-Founder Fisher.

“There are a lot of specific questions we had when traveling to breweries that we answered with this map. We wanted to give people an idea of what the brewery experience would be like and what to plan for, while still leaving a few surprises to be discovered.”

Beyond serving as a guide to the state’s breweries, The Great NC Beer Map is also an educational resource for understanding the art, science and history of craft brewing. Components along the margin of the map are intended to give beer drinkers a greater appreciation for what’s inside the glass. These sections include:

• Choose a Brew, the Science of Ordering: a chart for decoding all the beer styles and stats listed on brewery walls. Popular beer styles are plotted to show each beer’s SRM (Standard Reference Method, a unit for measuring color); IBU (International Bittering Units); ABV (Alcohol by Volume); and yeast classification as ale, lager, and/or wild/sour. Each beer is depicted in its style-appropriate glassware.

• Take Note: a chart of positive and negative attributes associated with beer, to guide you through the tasting process.

• The Wild World of Beer: a worldwide history tracing the evolution of beer and the yeast that defines it.

• An Illustrated History of Brewery Games: tracing the country and date of origin of the most popular games found at breweries.

“We consider these educational components to be one of the major hallmarks of our maps,” Fisher said. “We want to give perspective to people’s travels, because we think when you understand all the layers of what you’re experiencing, you’re able to derive more enjoyment from it. We hope this map will give everyone a deeper appreciation for what NC craft brewers are really creating and bringing to our state’s beer culture.”

The Great NC Beer Map is available at and at breweries and retail locations around the state (listed at Folded road maps are available for $9.99 and unfolded poster versions for $29.99.

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