Christmas Happiness

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas Happiness is an old family tradition in the Morgan family. Betty Morgan says that she and her husband Melvin have been donating money to Christmas Happiness since its first year in 1952.

“I think it’s just a wonderful way of helping people in our area,” Morgan said. “I’m just happy I can donate something each year.”

After her first son was born in 1953, he became part of the tradition as soon as he was old enough to understand. Her second son, born in 1969, followed suit, pinching pennies from the piggy bank and donate a dollar or two.

“They enjoyed doing it because it was helping someone else,” she said.

Now, her children have moved away. Melvin died in 2000, Morgan said, but she hasn’t stopped the tradition. Now she dedicates each Christmas Happiness donation to her husband.

The Salvation Army of Rowan County distributes Christmas Happiness funds. Qualifying families may receive a $35 voucher for each eligible child. The vouchers can only be used for children’s items.

Contributions to Christmas Happiness will be collected through Christmas Day.

Donations may be delivered to the Salisbury Post, 131 W. Innes St., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays. Or you can mail your gift, using this address: Salisbury Post Christmas Happiness Fund, P.O. Box 4639, Salisbury, N.C. 28145-4639. Please make checks payable to Christmas Happiness Fund and indicate how you want your donation listed.

Donations made Monday:

In honor of Rowan County DSS Foster Parents by Carla and Jim Mallinson … $50.00

In honor of our granddaughter’s, Allison and Madison File by Larry and Betty Fesperman … $25.00
In honor of Margaret Ketchie by Southside Home Makers Club … $60.00
In memory of Carl, Lela and Elizabeth by Olan and Lousie Hannon … $100.00
Charity League of Salisbury … $500.00
In honor of Jesus Christ Our Savior by Bennie and Loretta Warner … $100.00
Fred and Alice Stanback …  $1,000.00
In memory of Rita Gagliardi by John and Ruth Gagliardi … $50.00
In memory of Melvin K. Morgan by Betty M. Morgan … $100.00
The Carson Foundation … $1,500.00
In memory of Abigail Kathleen Burroughs by Gene Krueger … $10.00
In memory of Marshall Anthony, Sr. and Alicia Sienerth, Loving and missing you by Granny … $25.00
In memory of Kristi Kruchkow by Danny and Donna Kruchkow … $200.00
In memory of Geraldine Miller by Lana Miller … $50.00
In memory of my husband, John E. Bame by Sara H. Bame … $25.00
In honor of our friendship by Martha, Lonzo, Beth and Terry … $50.00
In memory of Dante Spagnolo by Agnes Spagnolo …  $100.00
In honor of Katherine Lyerly by Christiana Lutheran Church Women Group #1  … $100.00
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Mark McKnight and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Benson by M.D. and Mary Ann McKnight … $200.00
In memory of Ed and Mozelle Cline, Harold Kenerly, Dan Bowden and “Charlie Dog” and in honor of our grandchildren:  Will, Paige, Hal, Bert, Maye and Vivi by Bill and Toni Kenerly … $100.00
In honor of our teachers:  Carl Eagle, Theresa Safrit, Rev. Don Safrit by Messiah Lutheran Church Sunday School Class … $75.00
In memory of Dr. Shirley Ritchie by Sheila Brownlow and Deal Safrit … $25.00
In loving memory of Bill and Billy Cohen by Ruby … $200.00
Total … $4,645.00
Running Total …  $7,620.00

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