Woodleaf Elementary celebrates veterans

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 19, 2015

Woodleaf Elementary School

WOODLEAF — When the fourth and fifth grade AIG class at Woodleaf Elementary School learned it was time to plan for Veterans Day this year, the eyes of the students lit up. Immediately there was a buzz of conversations.

Fifth grade students, who had assisted with the first Veterans Day Breakfast last year, began to share their experience with the fourth graders. After a few brainstorming sessions, a plan was ready to implement. The purpose was to honor the men and women for their service to our country.

On Friday, Nov. 13, veterans attended a breakfast, provided by the staff, and program coordinated by our AIG students. Students wrote Connect Ed messages to invite veterans to our breakfast, a welcome and closing speech for the program and poems. They created banners, posters and an iMovie video to thank the veterans for their service and acknowledge the sacrifices they made for us.

Other students in the school helped to make veterans feel appreciated. Kindergarten students crafted camouflage soldiers to give to the veterans. Each soldier held a flag in one hand and donned an American flag pin for the veterans to wear. They also recited a poem to the veterans. The fourth grade students sang songs for the veterans.

However, a connection was made when the students shared their knowledge of technology with the veterans. Students paired up with the veterans and taught them how play a Veterans Day Kahoot. Together, the students and veterans answered questions about history. As soon as they realized they would receive a higher score if they answered more quickly, a lighthearted competition was born.

Before the veterans visited the classrooms, students led the veterans throughout the school on a Walk of Honor. The Walk of Honor is Woodleaf’s way of showing our respect and appreciation for others. During the Walk of Honor, every person in the school lines the hallways, and the veterans are led down the halls as students cheer, clap, shake hands and give high fives. It can stir emotions in all of us.

When the students were asked to reflect on the event, these are some of the remarks they made:

“I loved doing this and I think the veterans did too!” — Daniel

“I think this impacted the veterans, because some of them said they had never attended anything like this before.” — Malachi

“I think the veterans’ breakfast was an awesome, extraordinary, unique, amazing, fun, enjoyable, exquisite, great, Veterans Day!” — Maggie

“This impacted the veterans because they’ve probably never had children honor them like this. The veterans felt appreciated.” — Emma

“The veterans seemed very touched by kids hosting them. I think they were shocked on how we did this, and how respected they were and to interact with the veterans for us is amazing.” — Lila

“The veterans had so many interesting things to say and they were so kind and it was so much fun to interact with them.” — Emily