Former alderman to come back as Spencer’s interim town manager

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 19, 2015

SPENCER — The Spencer Board of Aldermen has decided on an interim town manager, and it ended up being a familiar face.

Current Town Manager Larry Smith announced that he was resigning from his position at the end of this month.

During a meeting in October, the board decided to advertise an opening for an interim town manager to the public in local papers and managers’ associations publications within an advertising budget of $3,000. The ad asked applicants to submit a resume and told them where they could apply, and also informed them that the town of Spencer is an EEOC employer.

After reviewing 20 applications, three applicants came in for an hour-long interview by the board members.

The board asked the applicants the same questions and ended up offering Reid Walters, a former Spencer Board of Aldermen member, the job with a unanimous vote.

Walters resigned from his position on the board in September for a town manager opening in Bethel, N.C.

Although Mayor Jody Everhart did not have a vote in the decision, he did say Walters’ experience on the board may have given him a slight advantage.

“It gave him some insight about the town and living here and serving on the board,” he said. “I would say that he knew a little bit more of what’s going on than just somebody from the outside.”

Walters said he is excited to be taking on the position. He said he is bringing “a pretty thorough knowledge of Spencer already, a knowledge of the ongoing projects that exist in Spencer and (is) someone who is part of the community already.”

Walters will get the job pending a criminal and background check. His salary will be $1,200 per week with no vacation days or sick leave provided.

The board will allow Walters four paid off-days to complete his city and county manager certification classes.

He will start on Dec. 2.

Walters said when he heard about the opening, he had to jump on it.

“It’s not an opportunity that I knew was even a potential, but when it came about it was one that I had to pursue,” he said. “And more than anything I’m just excited to be coming back home.”

Walters said he will also be applying to be Spencer’s permanent town manager.

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