Fight with girlfriend escalates to multiple charges

Published 11:33 am Thursday, November 19, 2015

A domestic dispute that began in Bostian Heights on Wednesday ended near Ellis Crossroads with a fight with a good Samaritan, a gun and a stolen car.

According to Rowan County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. John Sifford, Michael Stephen Pandich, 32, was at Bostian Heights Grocery Wednesday with his girlfriend when things got ugly. According to the report, the couple left the store with their purchases and went into the parking lot where Pandich began beating his girlfriend in the head with a full can of beer, causing a laceration behind her ear.

Pandich pushed her to the ground, causing scrapes to her leg and arm, the report said. According to Sifford, a clerk at the grocery, Angela Kyles, ran out to intervene, and Pandich allegedly assaulted Kyles as well, pushing and shoving her around.

After that, Pandich hopped into his Jeep Grand Cherokee and drove off, leaving his girlfriend and Kyles in the parking lot. Kyles told deputies that she called in backup.

Terry Doby told deputies he was at home watching a football game when he received a call from Kyles. She explained the situation, and asked if he would be willing to take the woman home. Doby agreed.

Doby drove the woman to the house she shared with Pandich at the 100 block of Susan Lane. Doby reported that when they arrived, Pandich was “intoxicated and belligerent.” Pandich confronted Doby, accusing him of having an affair with his girlfriend.

The report said Doby explained he had just given her a ride home, but Pandich became confrontational, and the two got into a fight. Doby, who has a concealed carry license, reported to the Sheriff’s Office that he “held him off” for a while and was able to push Pandich back. But when Pandich approached again, Doby said he fired a warning shot into the ground with his .32 caliber pistol.

According to the report, that’s when Pandich tried to escape. Deputies said Pandich jumped into Doby’s Chevy Blazer and tried to drive off. Doby jumped forward to stop Pandich and said Pandich grabbed him by the arm and began dragging him alongside the moving vehicle. Fearing for his life, Doby fired two rounds.

Pandich got out of the car, and the two got into another argument, the report said. This time, Pandich got into his own car and drove off. Doby called the Sheriff’s Office, and warrants were taken out on Pandich. Deputies located two bullet casings at the scene and recovered a bullet from the center console of Doby’s car.

Pandich was located at a home in the 400 block of Pamela Street, China Grove. When deputies knocked on the door and asked him to come out, they reported that Pandich turned on an interior light, looked at the deputies, turned the light off and moved to the back of the house. According to Sifford, deputies surrounded the house and knocked again. This time, Pandich came quietly.

Pandich was charged with aggravated assault, three counts of assault on a female, larceny of a motor vehicle, and resist, delay or obstructing a public officer. He has been placed in the Rowan County Detention Center under a $10,000 secured bond. Pandich has no previous charges in North Carolina.