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Elementary students review “Magic Tree House: The Knight at Dawn” musical

Elementary school second grade students reviewed “Magic Tree House: The Knight at Dawn” youth musical. The musical will be playing at the Norvell Theater at 135 E. Fisher St. on Nov. 13 and 21 at 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Tickets for adults are $10, and tickets are $8 for students and seniors.

Carla Morgan’s Bostian Elementary School class:

  • I liked the actors because the singing was awesome!  A castle came out and that was pretty interesting.  The stage and the set were really decorative! – Hailey S.
  • I liked it when the guards were dancing because they were funny!  After it was done, I said, “Encore!” – Aubrey M.
  • My favorite part was when Annie and Jack went in the dungeon and they started singing. I hope you can go there soon! – Chloe G.
  • I liked this play because the characters were funny!  I liked Jack because he was doing front flips on the ground.  – Brant G.

Joshua Sherrill’s Koontz Elementary School class:

  • I liked when the black horse came out with his knight. – Zyrell A.
  • I liked when I got to dance and sing! Then I like when Annie and her brothers went to jail. It was fun. I loved the play. – Janiah F.
  •  I like the last part because we got to dance.  I like the black knight as well. – Jovanny T.
  •  I like when the black knight came with his horse. – Tinasia C.
  •  What I liked about the show is when we all got to sing and dance. – Alison A.
  •  I loved the play because it was fun to see the characters dance to the music. – Zy’Keria B.

Juli Alfieri’s Koontz Elementary School class:

  • My favorite part was the dancing and the singing and how Annie and Jack first started the play. I liked the adventure they went on and how they took the castle. – Na’mya Black
  • My favorite part of the play was when the elves were turning the tree house and when the lights were flashing. That made the treehouse look real! My most favorite part is when Annie and Jack were doing front flips. – Patience Price
  • The part I enjoyed is when they were dancing. The dancing made my day so happy. Then when I saw the stage set, horse, spinning tree house, soldiers, dungeon, and ending it was absolutely beautiful. – Ruth Doe
  • I liked the play because they made it look real. The people in the play were funny and they made me happy as soon as I saw them. I like the way they danced because they worked hard on it and it was cool the way the little kids did it.- Destiny Hiatt
  • I liked the stage and I think you will like it too. The light effects and sound effects are really good! – Daniela Nunez
  • You will be amazed by the characters like Jack and Annie with their amazing tricks so go see it if you want to enjoy it.- Erin Wagner
  • The adventure started to come to life when Annie and Jack were spinning around. I like the strong ending. All the dancing was great! They did great singing too! – Neveah Smith
  • The story was funny and beautiful. It was a great show to watch with my class and Knight at Dawn would be a great show to see with your Mom or Dad! – Tazmara Mosley
  • It is safe to say that my class thoroughly enjoyed Knight at Dawn. These actors highlight the young talent we have here in Rowan County. Not only do these students posses strong stage presence, but they can also sing and dance!! The play was well-rehearsed, and these student actors were able to pull off this Magic Tree House story like a well-oiled machine. Kudos to Reid Leonard and all involved in helping this production come to life. – Mrs. Alfieri

Stacey Teague’s North Hills Christian School class:

  • I liked the show because the horse & knight were really neat & the knightcould sing!! – can we go see it again?? – Reese
  • My favorite part was watching Annie dance at the end of the play.  Shewas very funny. She did the dance moves with facial expressions thatmade me laugh.  – Gracie
  • I really liked seeing the play and thought it was cool. I liked when Jack and Annie were in the tree house and when the tree was spinning, that was really awesome! – Auden
  • My favorite character was Annie because she is funny, brave, and likes to try new things!  I liked the really cool spinning tree house they had on the stage! My favorite part of the show was when the black knight rescued Jack and Annie and they rode to the tree house! The horse was really awesome!”- Dillin Galloway
  • I think other people should go see it because I really liked to see the treehouse spin! My favorite character was Annie because she was a goodsinger! – Emily Teague

Joretta Sterner’s Koontz Elementary School class:

  • This play was about a magic tree house with magic books that can take them different places whenever they say to. The special part that I like is when Annie and Jack find the magic tree house. The play had very good songs to go with the story. Annie’s big brother was protecting Annie very well. The performance had wonderful kids playing in the show. The children were good at doing backflips. – Baoniah Lor
  • My favorite part of the show was when the knight was riding his horse and touched Jack and Annie when they were dancing. When they went back home, they went back home with courage. – Donovan Browning
  • My favorite part was when the Black Knight was riding on a horse. I liked it when Annie was playing with Jack and when they were singing. – Ta’Shaun Archie
  • My favorite part was when Jack fell and Annie was running. They used a flashlight to scare the Duke. Harry helped Jack and Annie to get out of the dungeon. – Delaney Allbright
  • You must watch this show. It is the best. We heard songs. Jack used a flashlight to scare people. We saw a guy with a sword. – Freddy Andaya
  • My Favorite part of the show was when Annie and Jack got locked in the dungeon and started to sing a song to the man because he was sad. They made him happy. – Kallyiah Bentley
  • My favorite part was when they put Jack and Annie in the dungeon with Harry. He couldn’t talk at first, then he started to talk. Jack pulled his flashlight out and scared the people. Jack and Annie got out of the dungeon. – Haven Burgess
  • My favorite part was when Jack and Annie did a backflip. I liked when they sang the song when they found the tree house and the tree house was spinning. I really liked when they met the Black Knight. – Jaedon Cain
  • This show is my favorite! Annie and Jack are the best. I liked when Annie and Jack did a backflip. Tom was awesome. All of the characters were great, too! The elves were my favorite. – Lauren Cherry
  • The play was fabulous! My favorite part was when they were dancing. Then the moved the tree house and they would go someplace magical. Then they started to sing. The mean girls came back and Jack flashed the flashlight to scare them so Jack and Annie could get away. – Shiyara Clawson
  • My favorite part of the show was when they sang a song in the dungeon, but the best performance was when they all danced. That’s the part I really liked. – Jerome Hickson
  • The play was incredible! I liked the performance, especially the flips. The set was awesome. – Shontel Johnson
  • This play was about a magic tree house with books that could take you anywhere. Annie and Jack found a book. When they opened it and said, “I want to go to this place,” they went to a castle. I really liked this play. – Yasmin Lopez
  • This show was good. A boy named Jack and a girl named Annie meet a knight. My favorite part was when they turned the tree house around and around. – Kelvin Lovelace
  • My favorite part was when Annie and Jack found the magic tree house. There was a princess dancing and everyone was singing. There was a horse and a knight and the tree house was spinning. – Brieanna Pacheco
  • The show was my favorite! My favorite part was when Annie and Jack climbed into the tree house. – Edson Sanchez
  • The Knight at Dawn was the best Show! The actors were very good. It was funny when Jack said the flashlight was a magic wand. My favorite part was when Annie and Jack went in the tree house. – Kasandra Santiago
  • My favorite part about the show was when they thought the flashlight was a magic wand. I liked when Annie and Jack were chasing each other, too. The Black Knight was riding a horse and people were dancing. – Omar Walker
  • My favorite part was when Annie found a book and Jack said, “Don’t pick it up,” so she did. They could go anywhere when the tree house was spinning. They were dancing to songs. You should come with me to the show. You will like it when Jack sings. – Chanel Willis

For tickets call 704-633-5471 or purchase online at PiedmontPlayers.com


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