My Turn: Talking points on the GOP debate

Published 12:13 am Monday, November 9, 2015

By Donald C. Tracy

After reading the article about the Democratic presidential debate, I decided to make some observations about the GOP debate among the top candidates, and their remarks after the debate.

It seems the participants are upset with the format and the amount of time they had to speak. They are the ones who set the time limits and, as a party, entered a large field of “debaters” knowing they would not have a lot of time to make an impact. It really didn’t matter a whole lot, as the main answers seemed to be: 1. It is Obama’s fault. 2. Cut taxes. 3. Hillary/Benghazi/trust. 4. I … I … I … I … 5. It is the mainstream media’s fault.  6. The questions were “gotcha” questions.

Let us consider these points one at a time.

1. You are not running against Obama. With most of your records of doing nothing, you would not come close. You complain that Obama doesn’t do anything one day, and the next argue that he is overstepping his boundaries. He is not the one doing nothing and is always careful not to cross the line.

2. The “cut taxes” mantra is a GOP mess that caused in large part the $12 trillion-plus debt (that Obama inherited) and has continued to make it grow. That is because the GOP members sign their power away to Grover Norquist, which should be illegal.

3. The Hillary affair has one thing that is bothersome. The GOP has spent between $4.5 million and $11.5 million on each of nine investigations into the Benghazi affair for what they hope is political gain. That is OUR tax money. Benghazi is still part of the continuing conflicts started by Bush and Cheney. The immigration into the EU is part of the same folly.

4. This seems to be the only point of agreement among the cast of characters on stage. They have EGO.

5. When in doubt, blame someone else. That includes the media and fellow participants. What a mature characteristic.

6. Do we really want anyone for president who can’t deal like an adult with questions not favorable to their limited answers? They are the party always raving about how political correctness is killing America. Why are they having hysteria about questions that may not be PC? Maybe they think the debates should be free advertising.

Even David Koch has made unfavorable comments about the political party into which he, his brother and wealthy friends have invested piles of money.

Clean up your act and maybe you will not look like the pie fight from the movie “The Great Race.”

Donald C. Tracy lives in Salisbury.

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