Week in review: Test your nose for local news

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 8, 2015

1. Blue, an 8-year-old gelding belonging to Ann and Dave Moulton of Rowan County, has bloodlines that make him fairly close kin to Secretariat and what other well-known thoroughbred?
A. Sunday Silence
B. Easy Goer
C. American Pharoah
D. Cigar

2. In two years, Crosby Scholars, a non-profit organization that helps prepare students for college, has enrolled how many Rowan-Salisbury students?
A. 566
B. 1,068
C. 2,348
D. 3,686

3. The top vote-getter in the Salisbury City Council race traditionally is chosen by the newly elected council as mayor. Who was the top vote-getter in the council race?
A. Karen Alexander
B. Kenneth Hardin
C. Maggie Blackwell
D. David Post

4. Who did Spencer voters choose as their new mayor?
A. Jody Everhart
B. Jim Gobbel
C. Sylvia Chillcott
D. Scott Benfield

5. Which of the following candidates did not win in the Landis municipal race?
A. Tony Hilton
B. Mike Mahaley
C. Tommy Garver
D. Seth Moore

6. Former U.S. Rep. Howard Coble, who represented the 6th District in Congress for three decades, died this past week. Which of these statements is not true of Coble?
A. He was a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard
B. He once was secretary of the N.C. Department of Revenue
C. He served briefly as a U.S. senator when he was appointed to serve an unexpired term
D. He never married

7. What was the overall voter turnout for municipal elections in Rowan County?
A. 9.73 percent
B. 10.17 percent
C. 13.45 percent
D. 14.23 percent

8. In college football, the Seventh Annual Commemorative Classic was held Saturday. What two schools were involved?
A. Catawba College and Tusculum
B. UNC-Charlotte and Florida International
C. Johnson C. Smith and Livingstone
D. N.C. State and Boston College

9. Dr. Joe Oliver, a primary care physician in Rockwell, is trying something new with his patients. What is it?
A. He has converted his waiting room into a coffee shop
B. He no longer takes appointments. Patients are seen on a first-come first-served basis
C. He has opened a drive-through window for quick consultations at no charge
D. He no longer accepts insurance. Rather, he invites his patients to enroll in a direct primary care plan.

10. About five years ago, Dr. Chip Comadoll, an orthopedic surgeon in Salisbury, took up this hobby, the results of which can ben seen at his office.
A. Calligraphy
B. Painting
C. Quilting
D. Furniture-making


Answers below:


1. C.

2. D.

3. A.

4. B.

5. A.

6. C.

7. D.

8. C.

9. D.

10. B.