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Published 12:05 am Friday, November 6, 2015

… Another animal shelter addition among changes approved by commissioners

Great news for the shelter dogs. Christine Morykwas and I were fortunate to work with Commissioner Craig Pierce, former County Manager Gary Page and current County Manager Aaron Church on the cat wing addition the past two years.

The original donation for the cat wing was $500,000 but has now become over a $1 million donation. I am so grateful to Christine Morykwas for everything she is doing for homeless animals in Rowan County.

I would encourage Shelter Guardians to raise over the projected cost of the dog wing. And as the article states, Christine offered to donate a new dog wing. I understand that Shelter Guardians wanted to take on this project and I applaud them and Rowan County residents for taking on this huge project.

— Barbara Hart

Thank you, Nina, for giving us all the direction we need re: our four-legged friends who are in peril

— Brenda Goodman

… Carter Wrenn: Not even a fine for Alcoa

Gol-lee, haven’t seen Carter Wrenn since the days when Eszter Vajda’s emails (made public just before UNC-TV fired her) revealed he and Richard Morgan to be paid consultants for the Roger Dick bash-Alcoa bunch.

What he’s babbling on about is old, old news, that Alcoa supposedly lied in covering up the fact that it would be impossible for the technology they proposed to use to improve dissolved oxygen to meet the standards needed in their new (as yet unissued) license.

Only problem with that particular bash is that Alcoa installed some of the new technology in the Narrows dam, and it’s met the standard virtually 100 percent of the time since 2011. I can’t imagine what Alcoa could have been fined for, or why the state would have had any qualms about it. … I think it’s time to quit chewing on that bone.

— Annie Belle

… Not the hero he appeared

This is a true story, unfortunately. But never discussed is the opposite side of the coin, which is much more unfortunate.

Police Officer Darren Wilson was criticized, threatened … and had to go into hiding after the liberal media concocted a story that the bully and criminal Michael Brown was in the “hands up don’t shoot” position. He wasn’t; he was attacking someone half his size. ….

Unfortunately, the truth only matters in liberal media if it pushes the liberal agenda, an agenda that includes, among other goals, a war on police through intimidation, name-calling, and giving a justification for killing cop.

— Steve Pender

… New energy on City Council

An excellent editorial. It very accurately reflects the tenor of the campaign and the vote itself. I’m wondering: while we continued the (fairly short) tradition of electing at least one black to the Council, is David Post now the first Jew elected? If so, perhaps Salisbury has demonstrated that another traditional minority is no longer a target of discrimination!

— Karen Rawling

I think everyone would be fairly receptive of having a Jewish invocation being offered at the start of the Council meeting. Salisbury should not be like the County Commission where just one type of prayer is promoted.

— Carl Prine

Looks as if the Paris person went down in total, ignominious and complete defeat.

— Stephen Owen

… Election results at a glance

These numbers are such a lie that I will tell you for future reference, any voting in North Carolina can not be seriously considered as counted. Say goodbye to Salisbury, N.C. I know I am. I suggest you do the same.

… There were organizations voting in numbers that are not reflected in the totals for not just me, but for other candidates. So I am referring to the discrepancies in the vote totals of others.

My leaving is due to the enslavement and lack of concern to make a change with people having no input on their dependence and wealth. The working poor is enslavement with no opportunities to do better in Salisbury, NC…. Here I go.

— Constance Johnson

Instead of leveling accusations that make you appear to be little more than a sore loser, how about providing some solid, factual proof of your claims? Election fraud is, indeed, a serious issue. But there is a stark difference between making wild claims and being able to support those claims.

I may not be happy with the election results myself, and I am a bit surprised in some ways. However, until sustainable evidence of wrongdoing comes to light, the results are what they are.

— Eric Shock

… Incumbents win top spots in Salisbury

Congratulations, Karen! I am sure you will do a great job! Welcome David, you also will be a great asset!

— Linda Sherrill

Congratulations to those elected and a “thank you” to all those who ran. Your willingness to serve is to be commended and your community thanks you.

— Gregory Shields

Congratulations, Kenny and David. You have joined the ranks of three good people who share your best interests for the city of Salisbury,

— Reginald Brown

Congratulations go out to Kenny Hardin, and Team Turn Around for a job well done. I thouroughly enjoyed working with a great group of commrades who I consider great friends.

Now, I have one more train to rob, and that train pulls out of the station in 2016. Craig Pierce, for Rowan County Commissioner 2016.

— Chris Sifford

Thank you to all who supported #TEAMTURNAROUND, it is appreciated and congratulations, Kenny Hardin. Great campaign.

— Chris Sharpe

… Is this the debate Republicans want?

This question is for the editor, Elizabeth Cook. Would you describe The Los Angeles Times as an objective arbiter of news, who is consistently fair to conservative politicians? Your answer, please.

Second question. What in Gary Jacobs’ work or experience stood out so strongly that you, the editor, believed his opinion would be a worthy investment of time for area readers? Your answer, please.

— Steve Owen

Editor’s note: The Los Angeles Times is a professional news organization that includes a variety of viewpoints on its editorial pages.

Jacobs is a former comedy writer. His essay, “Is this the debate Republicans want?” was intended to be humorous.

…Hornets won game for their hero: Stephen Gilmore

Mike London, I absolutely love the way you write. You have me in tears all over again. Thank you.

— Wendy Gee