Quotes of the week

Published 12:07 am Friday, November 6, 2015

“I’m very interested, but my colleagues have to make that decision. I really respect that  process … I’m excited that my lead is enough not to just be a few votes.”

— Karen Alexander, leading vote-getter in City Council race, on the possibility of becoming mayor

“Our children that have gone on before us continue to make beautiful things out of us. They had and still have a purpose.”

— Lori Yang, founder, Voices of Hope, which started after the death of son Michael in 2001

“Learn! Never stop learning. When you think you are done learning, learn some more.”

— Ralph Ketner, Food Lion co-founder, speaking to Rowan County Early College students

“I see opportunities for inclusiveness and opportunities to improve our relationships with everyone.”

— Ken Hardin, newly elected member of Salisbury City council