Funny money lands man in hot water

Published 1:50 pm Monday, October 26, 2015

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office charged a man with using $940 in counterfeit bills Saturday.

A woman at the 600 block of Bradshaw Road, Mount Ulla, reported that she sold $1,000 worth of appliances Thursday to a Shawn Lee Marshall, 48. Marshall allegedly told her that he didn’t have the money to pay her at the moment, but he would get it. He returned later that day and, according to the woman, pulled out a lot of cash, and counted out $1,000 in $20s, $10s, and $5s. He then asked if he could go to the bathroom, and left after using it.

That evening, the woman went to Food Lion to buy groceries. The cashier marked her bill and told her that it was a counterfeit. The woman pulled out all of the money that Marshall gave her and had the cashier mark the bills. All of it except $60 proved to be fake, according to the report. The woman called Marshall, who allegedly claimed that he didn’t know what she was talking about.

The woman reported it to deputies, who went to Marshall’s home at 275 Rock Hump Road on Oct. 23, but no one answered. On Oct. 24, Marshall was located and charged with using counterfeit bills and obtaining property by false pretenses. He was also charged with larceny, as Marshall allegedly stole 100 pills of Oxycodone from the woman’s bathroom.

He has been placed under a $20,000 secured bond.