Begging for Bibles: Drive continues through Nov. 2

Published 12:05 am Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sterling Weaver of Rowan County has collected more than 250 new and used Bibles to send to missionaries overseas, and he’s hoping to get many more.

“Some people overseas are begging for Bibles,” Weaver wrote in a letter to the editor in late September.

Weaver asked people to drop off King James versions of the Bible at either of two locations — East Car Care in Granite Quarry or Ace Tire in Rockwell. And they’ve been doing just that.

The Bible drive continues through Nov. 2.

Weaver is taking the Bibles to the Pilgrim Tract Society in Randleman, which ships containers of Bibles and tracts to missionaries and churches all over the world.

Chris Hancock, president of the Pilgrim Tract Society, says the nonprofit organization has used donated funds to ship materials to Africa, Brazil, South America, Mexico, England and Israel.

The group will send a 40-foot container to Liberia in the second or third week of November, Hancock said. The Bibles being collected in Rowan County now will probably go to that destination.

Weaver also has 900 Gospel of John booklets he plans to send with the shipment.

“When grown men and ladies get Bibles, they kiss and cry over the Bibles that some are waiting for years to get,” Weaver has said.

For more information, call Sterling Weaver at 704-279-8139.