Makayla Dillon: Moving changed my life

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 22, 2015

Six years ago, I woke up from a long, ten-hour car ride to catch my first glimpse of the town that was now my home. I couldn’t see very much in the dark, but something about it seemed warm and welcoming; I had a good feeling about this.

The next day was crazy as we ran around town getting uniforms and supplies for school, which started in three days. I was as nervous as ever, wondering if my shy self was going to make any new friends and if I would like my teachers.

The first day of school ended up being great. That day I met some of my best friends and began learning about all Salisbury had to offer. I tried Cheerwine for the first time, which is now my favorite drink, and my ears finally stopped popping from the change in elevation.

The town I lived in in Ohio was very, very flat, so I wasn’t used to all the hills here. My three younger brothers’ and my eyes lit up when we realized how much fun sledding would be with these hills. That winter, however, we found out that North Carolina doesn’t get very much snow.

One thing that has taken me a while to adjust to is hearing people say ma’am and sir when talking to adults. If I ever said yes ma’am or yes sir in Ohio, I would have been grounded. When we said it up there, you were being sassy or a smart aleck. I now know that here it is a sign of respect, so I don’t become shocked anymore when I hear someone respond in this way.

Moving has taught me so many things, and I have loved experiencing all the different aspects of this town’s culture and diversity. It has allowed me to learn how to accept change and adjust to it. I’ve learned that stepping out of my comfort zone can lead to so many new and wonderful things. I try to look on the bright side of all situations, because something good always comes out of them.

The importance of family is also something I have learned through my experience. My family had to lean on each other through the hard times we had been through before we moved, and then got to experience all the incredibly welcoming new things in this town together. In those first few months I talked to my mom about everything, and she became my best friend. And my brothers and I became closer as we all went through the same friend-making processes together.

Moving has taught me so many valuable lessons that I would not have learned through any other experience. Moving has made me who I am.

Makayla Dillon is a senior at Salisbury High School.