Durham man killed after car hits tree along I-85

Published 12:10 am Monday, October 19, 2015

A Durham man died in a car accident on Interstate 85 on Saturday night.

Scott Alexander Hammond, 39, crashed into a tree at 8:14 after trying to merge into his right lane near exit 68.

On that part of the interstate, the left lane closes and drivers have to merge into two lanes.

According to Trooper H.T. Sloop, Hammond drove to the end of the left-most lane and instead of merging, kept driving on the side of the interstate. When trying to get back on the interstate, Hammond side-swiped another vehicle and caused both of them to lose control towards the right side of the interstate.

Hammond’s car hit the tree on the passenger’s side, and then the other vehicle collided with Hammond’s vehicle on the driver’s side.

The impact with the tree is what caused Hammond’s death.

The other driver was transported to Carolinas Healthcare System Northeast with minor injuries and has since been released.

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