Quotes of the week

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 16, 2015

“The job of the county chair is to preserve public confidence in the administration of elections. No one who reads these things will feel (Butner) is qualified to do that.”

— Josh Howard, chairman, N.C. State Board of Elections, on Mac Butner’s Facebook and Twitter posts

“I can’t believe I used to work for an airline and we’re going back 100 years in time to travel.”

— Hal Sutton of Rockwell, on being forced to cross the Atlantic on a ship because a recent heart attack raised concerns about blood clots

“If you have enough heart and passion, you can be the most dominant person on the field, no matter how big you are.”

— Chris Clodfelter, free safety, North Rowan High School football team

“If you couldn’t read and write, you were virtually back in slavery again because you had to depend on someone to be able to interpret for you.”

— Yvonne Tracey, interim president, Barber Scotia College, on the need for more colleges and schools for African Americans after slavery

“Back when I was in school, and maybe even now, you’d sometimes  have to look long and hard to find a professor who looked like you.”

— Laurie Willis, assistant director, public relations, Livingstone College, on why some people prefer historically black colleges and universities